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If you know where to search, you may find plenty of audio editing and production freelance work online. Because they aren’t full-time or studio jobs, audio engineers and other audio professionals sometimes pass on these fantastic chances. These websites provide you the option of working totally as a freelance audio producer or taking some work to fill in the gaps.


Although Elance is not a new website, many knowledgeable audio professionals are not aware of it. You may build a profile on Elance, list your abilities, take “tests,” and submit project bids. You can work from home anywhere in the globe if you are ready to be flexible with your pricing.

On this website, persons with specific needs can post odd tasks or entire projects that need to be finished. A quick explanation of your demands and the price range they are ready to accept. Your visibility and credibility on Elance increase as you finish more projects and move up the rankings.

You may “apply” for 40 jobs each month and membership is free. By paying a little bit extra every month, you may increase your visibility and “Contacts” though. The monthly cost for the typical small company program is $30.


Elance and Thumbtack are quite comparable. Joining is free, however placing a bid on jobs costs money. This is a fantastic method of marketing. It’s also fantastic. a location to LOOK FOR someone with a talent you lack. You can discover the best deal on Thumbtack and hire someone yourself if you’re good at mixing but not mastering.


Craigslist, ah! Although many people view Craigslist as a dead end, the majority of users are searching for full-time employment and frequently fall into the incorrect category. The “Gigs” area is where most freelancer seekers will submit their job listings. Additionally, keep in mind that a person seeking for a service might not be sure where to post, so read through the “Creative” and “Talent” sections before placing your ad in the “Services” part.

Of course, Craigslist allows you to contact and publish ads for free.

Therefore, try these unique ways; you could be pleasantly surprised!

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