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Every Efty account has a domain name marketplace function, which allows buyers to easily explore your full portfolio and purchase your domains. It is one of our most popular features, and we are happy to power numerous domain name investors’ markets throughout the web.

We are continually exploring for new ways to create more offers and enquiries for your domains at Efty. So I’m excited to announce that we’re releasing two interesting new integrations to Efty Market today that will allow you to engage with your visitors in real time and establish an email list of potential purchasers.

Monitor and interact with website visitors.

tawky_bigWe’ve partnered with to add forever-free live chat to your Efty marketplace site, allowing you to engage with customers in real-time from the powerful dashboard or straight from your mobile device while on the move. We are really thrilled about this connection since has all of the capabilities you need to deliver excellent assistance to your visitors and act swiftly when a prospective buyer knocks. is fantastic since it provides much more than simply live chat. It also allows you to track visitor activity on your site and provides traffic statistics. If you’re not a big fan of Google Analytics, for example. Are you eager to get started? Follow the guide and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Mailchimp can help you build an email list.

Mailchimp logoIn a world when social media is so vital in marketing, domain name buyers sometimes overlook the need of building an email list. We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to establish an email list of prospective customers since email is the simplest approach to promote your domains.

Mailchimp is a huge admirer of Efty. They are the email marketing platform that is always on.Since the early days of the internet, we’ve been giving underdogs like ourselves the tools we need to succeed. Today is the day to acquire leads and establish an email list of potential purchasers (and you should).

Following this article, you can add a discreet (or not so subtle – whatever you think is best) popup requesting visitors to join your mailing list.

Mailchimp lets you personalize the text, colors, size, and location on your website, among other things. Mailchimp, like, is completely free up to 2000 contacts.

Both of these integrations are accessible on the Efty Professional and Growth tiers.

Are you new to Efty? Register for a free 30-day trial here.

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