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A significant number of you have referred to a Tweet from domain name investor Rick Swartz during the past couple of days. Since 1995, Rick, sometimes known as the Domain King, has invested in domain names. He is renowned for having negotiated some of the biggest domain name transactions in history, some of which included an ownership part in the business.

Rick, a seasoned negotiator and genuine salesperson, is knowledgeable about how to get the most money when selling a domain name. He also correctly emphasizes the significance of language in relation to the importance of domain names themselves.

Morning, everyone!

A loser is “Make an offer”!
It’s POOR!

They employ a lot SMARTER choice in real estate. It doesn’t appear to be a SAD sale!

EVERYONE who uses “Make an offer” should upgrade to:

“PRICE UPON REQUEST” #Domains #Investing #Investors #Marketing #Branding

— Rick Schwartz October 20, 2019 DomainKing® (@DomainKing)

Efty already provides a wide range of For-Sale landing pages with various phrasing. There are several options available, including Make Offer, Buy-It-Now, Buy-It-Now & Make Offer, and even a design that says simply “Contact us for business inquiries.” However, we lacked a theme that enabled customers to ask for a price. Yet.

Your landing page theme gallery now features a new section with three distinct “Price Upon Request” For-Sale landing pages. Rick, I appreciate your suggestion.

Landing Pages for Sales with Price Upon Request

See this theme live here.

See this theme live here.

See this theme live here.

Efty will give you access to all personal information entered by the interested party, including Name, Email address, Phone number, and IP address, just like with all other For-Sale landing pages. This enables you to directly negotiate with the buyer, increase the deal size, and close each sale commission-free.

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