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What a journey it has been over the past four years since Lionel and I began out on a quest to transform how domain name investors maintain, advertise, and monetize their portfolios.

Following a six-month test with a select number of domainers, we made a public beta announcement in December 2014 and invited anybody who was interested to join up and offer feedback. also received feedback. A lot. In fact, the input has never ceased, and it is safe to say that the platform’s transformation from our original idea of a domain portfolio management tool into what it is today is largely due to the feedback from the numerous domain name investors who have used Efty over the years. the whole sales platform that it is now and that we are still developing for you.

The majority of the new features we’ve released in recent years have been built on top of the original framework we created for Efty back in 2014. As a result, the application has grown somewhat bloated, isn’t always as quick or bug-free as we’d like it to be, and has, quite frankly, begun to look a little shabby.

Our development team set out to totally redesign the programme, streamline the menus, make navigation simpler, and create a responsive style that works on all platforms and operating systems for this reason. As a result, the platform has a significant focus on assisting you in increasing your income through more sales and improved reporting.

I’m happy to announce that a brand-new #NewEfty is now available to everyone.

It’s not simply old wine in new bottles with the new Efty. Many of your most popular requests have already been fulfilled thanks to the many comments we’ve taken into account.

The new Efty allows you to:

For your marketplace, create custom categories (great!).

reorder the premium domains on the homepage of your marketplace.

(For your BIN domains) Remove the Make Offer form from the marketplace.

Receive in-app alerts for new transactions and queries.

Logos on your marketplace or for-sale landing pages can be turned on or off.

Display listings on your marketplace either alphabetically or chronologically.

For increased security, turn on two-factor authentication (2FA).

See which of your domain names are being reviewed quickly.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the #NewEfty in the comments section below, our thread over at NamePros, or by sending us an email at

P.S. If you’re having trouble saying goodbye, the “old” version of Efty will still be available

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