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Perspectives, Our Journey

In October of last year, Efty was first conceptualized. I had been actively investing in domain names at that time for almost a year.

Apart from the obvious rookie errors (purchasing two domains and useless domains), things are going smoothly and the first few significant purchases have been achieved (I even got it into DNJournal’s weekly sales report!). But I lacked organization. Things started to fall between the cracks as the portfolio of domain names at various registrars, markets, and parking firms grew.

I frequently failed to add or remove domains from marketplaces like Sedo and Afternic. I also entirely lost track of where important domains were registered or parked. Most importantly, though, was the fact that I had no actual idea how I was doing as a domain name investor. I was aware that I was generating money, but I was unsure of how much my actual costs for renewals, marketing ($10 for a listing on Brandbucket anyone?) and sales commission fees were.

I did everything back then using email and a spreadsheet. Email is useful for various purposes. However, it is undoubtedly not helpful in providing you with any insight into your financial situation or in maintaining a domain investor portfolio. any performance at all. Spreadsheets? Don’t even begin with me.

I then began looking for a domain name management program. I wanted a tool to help me track and manage my portfolio so I could regain control.

I tried a few tools, but they were difficult to use and complicated, so I contacted my close buddy Lionel, and the two of us agreed to start constructing Efty.

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