Part 2 of Our Journey: Why We Built Efty | 117

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February 25, 2014

Efty is an early-stage technology firm that was founded in November 2013 when I was hiking with my longtime friend Lionel Petitiaux in one of Hong Kong’s numerous countryside parks. It aims to transform how domain investors manage, advertise, and monetize their portfolios.

We get to work every day on making Efty the one online tool that every domainer likes to use, spread out between the top floor flat of my modest walk-up building in lively Hong Kong and a 100+ year old magnificent office building in Groningen, The Netherlands.

Lionel and Doron during the Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival in Hong Kong in November 2013.

We firmly think that working, and being an entrepreneur in particular, should not be constrained by travel time or location. This is precisely why we adore the domaining sector, where we see so many witty and interesting people earning a job from any workstation, in any setting, at any time, everywhere.

Our objective is to have thousands of domainers start their days by launching Efty when they wake up after a fun night out, while enjoying a beverage on the beach, when walking their dog, or even just at home while working!

Since we’re still in beta, we’d love to hear from you with any comments, recommendations, or even just a simple “hi”!

Efty Co-Founder Doron

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