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Please assist us in selecting the ideal marketplace domain design.

One of the many factors contributing to Efty’s success so far has been its ability to provide a customisable domain name marketplace and allow domain name investors to earn leads from end users without spending a dollar in commissions.

Every month, we proudly host and operate domain name markets for hundreds of domain name investors from across the world, sending our users thousands of offers and queries from end users.

A thriving market should support fantastic domain names.

One of the aspects of Efty that receives a steady stream of requests, ideas, and improvements is the custom marketplace. You’re being heard by us!

The custom marketplace is currently undergoing a significant overhaul, and among the many exciting new changes coming soon are the ability to specify your own color scheme, choose a background image from a gallery of high-quality pictures, and—if that’s your thing—showcase your domains with logos.

We choose to host a competition for a brand-new design that is polished, responsive, and has excellent UX in order to gain a new perspective on the available design alternatives.

Now, this is where you step in:

Eight designs remain after we’ve whittled down more than 100 submissions, and we need your assistance selecting the best one.

Please be sure to explain why you like or dislike the designs you are rating. (And each will have a lovely, mobile-friendly version, of course.)

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