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March 29, 2014

Wow, these past two weeks have been fantastic! We truly reached our first significant milestones after releasing our website earlier this month and then uploading our explanatory video.

To get Efty ready for a private beta launch next month, we’ve been working frantically over the past 30 days from our home offices in Groningen and Hong Kong. We thought it’d be good to keep you guys updated on the progress we’re making.

There are plenty of cool extras in addition to all the essential functionality. Domain addition and management, Efty Market, dashboard, reporting, and user administration. The screenshots you see in our film were actually taken from the testing environment we used, which made use of co-founder Doron’s domain portfolio.

When they begin using the tool, we are sure that our users will fall in love with Efty, but maintaining that love will be our biggest difficulty. Since the typical user won’t be F5ing their Efty cockpit all day, we’ve been considering methods to persuade them to utilize Efty so they can maintain their portfolio, marketplace, and landing pages current.

The Efty plugin for Google Chrome, which will enable you to rapidly add a recently purchased or manually registered domain into Efty right from your browser, is one of the things we’re presently evaluating. Additionally, we are attempting to perform reverse whois lookups. This enables us to notify you promptly when you buy (or sell) a new name and will send you a reminder email and cause a cockpit notice to update your Efty portfolio with any new domains you’ve bought.

Additionally, we’re polishing up Efty’s Insights function, which will provide you more knowledge about your performance and finances. For instance, Doron now realises that July will be a costly month for renewal fees. He is also made aware that even though only 5% of his portfolio consists of new gTLDs and less than 15% of it is made up domains, these extensions account for a significant portion of his overall renewal costs.

We were shocked to find that numerous domainers from all over the world made their way to our site in the past few weeks and signed up for our beta, despite the fact that we haven’t been spending any time advertising the impending test. Some extremely well-known domain name investors and other high-profile figures from the business are among them, and we are honored and thrilled to have them on board.

We’ll be sure to contact you guys again soon with additional information on our progress. Remain tuned!

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