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At Dark Horse Institute, we think that working on actual recordings with actual equipment is the finest kind of audio engineer instruction. Four large format studios (each with SSL, Trident, and C24 consoles) and free studio time at Dark Horse Recording are all available to our students on an individual basis. However, even with a ton of practical knowledge, it occasionally involves visiting other studios to observe how audio engineering is carried out! One of the Dark Horse Institute’s courses visited Hey World Productions, director of student services Sean Rogers’ home studio in Nashville, last week to observe how he works as a freelance producer and audio engineer.

Hey World Productions for a Day

The students received instruction in subjects like virtual instruments, recording studio acoustics, and they even participated in some actual audio recording. Taylor Hill, a student of audio engineering, remarked, “It was really encouraging to see a less commercial recording studio setting and realize what can still be obtained.” The purpose of the field trip was to demonstrate how actual individuals are succeeding in the music business by utilizing all the many surroundings that contemporary recording has made possible.

According to Sean Rogers, owner of Hey World Productions and a DHI employee, “I think it’s vital for these men to realize that they can succeed. Many of our students hope to open their own recording studio eventually, and I believe that witnessing a facility like this will inspire them. They can see it firsthand thanks to Hey World. Each student helped set up the recording session, patched and routed the signal flow, and even had a chance to utilize some of the virtual instruments.

Sean Rogers remarked, “Obviously, recording drums in a home studio with 7 and a half foot ceilings is less than ideal. “I believe it became clear to the students why a commercial studio like Dark Horse Recording has enjoyed such tremendous success over the years and why it’s crucial that it continue to play a significant role in the recording process,” said the instructor.

Important, for sure. The goal of Dark Horse Institute is to constantly push the boundaries of practical education and hands-on audio engineer training. Trae Rudd, a current student (shown on the right), exclaimed, “The chance to see and observe a working home studio? At a typical school, such would never occur. The Dark Horse team actually cares about the success of its pupils and is genuinely passionate about them. At Dark Horse, I eagerly anticipate each day.

*Return on Thursday for another in-depth look at the audio engineer training at Dark Horse Institute!

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