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Did you know that monthly traffic to markets powered by Efty exceeds 1 million? We work with some of the greatest brokers and complete registries to exhibit their top inventory, and we are happy to host some of the best domain name portfolios in the world.

In 2016, we introduced our first two fully customisable marketplace themes, Borgen and Sands, and shortly after that, Eustatius and Emma. Although those themes are still quite popular, this summer we set out to build a new generation of themes that prioritize mobile-first design, clean typography, and powerful call-to-action buttons. The first book in the series was Michelet, and I’m thrilled to say today’s addition of #2


The first theme we’ve released is called Spinoza, and it doesn’t include a search bar on the homepage. The recommendation is for visitors to look about the marketplace instead.

Many of us have domain name portfolios containing several hundred domain names, therefore a keyword search may frequently provide no results. This theme seeks to boost the number of pages per visit and lower your bounce rate by encouraging users to instead browse the full portfolio or a specific category. Additionally, a search box is always available in the site’s header for users who want to look up certain terms.

The fact that premium domain names listed in the homepage tiles of the website only display graphics unless there is a “mouseover” is another significant differentiator of Spinoza. This makes the theme ideal for showing domain names that can be easily branded and are shown with a logo.


ShortlistAnyone visiting your website using the Spinoza marketplace theme may additionally like a domain name by clicking or touching the tiny heart-shaped icon just below the description or inside the search results. The heart-shaped symbol in the site’s main menu may then be used to view a shortlist of all favourite domain names.

an individual page and a contact page.

You may now add a new custom page that will appear in the Spinoza theme’s main menu in addition to the already “About Us” page. This page may be named anyway you like, so feel free to use it as you like. Display sold domains or make a “How does this work” page that describes the acquisition and transfer procedures.

Simple Make-Offer documents

Now on your marketplace website, buyers may submit an offer for a domain name without ever leaving the search results pages. Efty will gather as much pertinent information as it can on the party submitting the inquiry, including a phone number and IP address, to make it simple for you to pursue research on the

expanded logo size

The Spinoza theme has a bigger logo in the site’s header for better exposure and simpler mobile and desktop navigation.

You must go to Settings > Marketplace in your account to change the theme of your marketplace to Michelet.

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