To Select the Industry’s Top For-Sale Landing Pages, Use For-Sale Landing Pages |143

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One of the many factors that have contributed to Efty’s success so far is the concept of providing landing pages without advertising that are designed for conversion and allow domain name investors to generate leads from end users without spending a dime in commissions.

We take pride in hosting For-Sale landing pages for thousands of the top domain names in the world and sending our users hundreds of high-quality leads each month from end users all over the world.

amazing landing pages should match amazing domain names.

One of the Efty features that receives a steady stream of requests, ideas, and suggestions is for-sale landing pages. You’re being heard by us!

One of the many exciting new enhancements that will soon be implemented as part of a major overhaul of our Landing Page functionality is the availability of a wide range of alternative designs in our template gallery. We made the decision to go out to the extremely brilliant 99Designs design community and host a contest for at least three new designs (i.e., we will select three or more winning ideas) in order to acquire a new perspective on design alternatives.

Now, this is where you step in:

We’ve selected six designers from more than 100 entries, and we need your assistance selecting the best one. Visit to cast your vote and provide feedback.

Please be sure to explain why you like or dislike the designs you are reviewing. (And each will have a lovely, mobile-friendly version, of course.)

Enjoy your wonderful weekend!

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