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Domain Administration

As both of us are working from the Groningen office this week, the Efty team has had a fantastic start to the week. We’ve been able to deploy a ton of awesome new features and highly requested improvements:

An enhanced CSV import:

We have now made a number of modifications to better assist you in navigating the upload process using a CSV import file after raising the number of domains you may upload to 500 domains at once.

crowded parking

You can now park your domains at Efty in bulk, which saves a ton of time. Simply follow these simple steps to simultaneously direct several of your domains to lovely For Sale landing pages:

Visit your names overview and, if necessary, perform a filter on names not yet parked at Efty or on a different, more desired filter, such registrar or purchase date:

Click Edit selection after choosing the domains you want to park at Efty (or Check all):

Bulk Park at Efty, click here:

Make sure that and are pointed as your nameservers, and you’re done!

Increased export:

You can now export only your portfolio domains, sold or dropped domains, or all of them at once. Check your domains’ maintenance tab to begin exporting them!

Improved process following the addition of a new domain:

After adding a single domain name to Efty, you can quickly park it, add it to integration partners like Sedo, Bodis, or ParkingCrew, view the domain, or add another domain.

Editing and managing in bulk:

Not to mention, a much-needed function that lets you manage and change your portfolio in bulk has been added. You can now easily run a filter on all of domains and bulk change the yearly renewal charge for all of domain names at once. For example, let’s assume you renegotiated your yearly renewal fee domains down from $10 to $8.37. Simply filter and choose the domain names you wish to alter, then click the green alter selection button at the bottom of the domain overview and select Mass Edit: to make changes to your portfolio in masse.

To paste the updated value to all the domain names in your selection, edit the renewal cost (or any other field of your choice) and click the save icon next to the field:

You click the green Process button after pasting the new value into the selection. We really hope you enjoy this enormous time saving as much as we do!

Next, what?

Before we launch premium plans in a few weeks, we have a number of exciting enhancements planned for you as we hammer out the specifics of a grandfathered, lifetime subscription plan for our devoted beta users. The ability to add your own logo and less obvious Efty branding on For Sale landing pages (efty parking) allow you to better brand your efty marketplace.

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