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To advance your Pro Tools or Logic setup, plugins are necessary. Although stock plugins have advanced significantly over time, there are still several that will improve the quality of your mixes while also making your job simpler. Sadly, some of those are rather pricey. We’re compiling a list of our top free plugins because we know that many of you are just starting out with your aspirations for audio engineering and production. The same businesses that produce some of our favorite, go-to plugins also produce these. Make no mistake, these plugins are highly strong despite being free and occasionally basic. Let’s get going:

Fortress bx_solo

The excellent firm Brainworx specializes in changing the stereo field. Have you ever questioned how your favorite mix engineer creates mixes that sound so powerful? by altering your audio fields’ sides and center. Although we’ll go into more detail on stereo fields in a later post, utilizing this plugin will improve your comprehension. It’s excellent for expanding the stereo picture to sound broader and soloing certain elements of your mix.

One of the characteristics of a great engineer is superb mix translation. With this plugin activated and connected to your master fader, you can rapidly simulate how your mix would sound on various speakers, even the dreaded elevator. Obtain here: Panipulator Boz

Sluggish Digital Renaissance revival-1

The plugin industry has been turned on its head by Steven Slate. His business sells some excellent plugins for considerably less than competitors. Even less than that is the Revival plugin’s priceā€”it’s free! This plugin reproduces two desired audio characteristics that are typically provided by analog equipment. Use it to accentuate a vocal or to give your drums more body. Obtain here: Slate Restoration


Dark Horse Recording’s engineers have grown to love Klanghelm immensely. His plugins are all top-notch and incredibly affordable. This plugin uses light saturation and distortion to give a vocal or instrument presence and body instead of your typical distortion. The’secret sauce’ for making your vocals stand out in a mix is harmonic saturation. Try out this incredibly useful tool, and while you’re at it, explore the other Klanghelm plugins.Download Klanghelm IVGI here.


Synths are a common feature in modern music, whether it be EDM, Rap, Metal, or Country. With this free and very genuine sounding recreation of vintage and incredibly sought-after Oberheim synthesizers, you can get a handle on how synthesizers operate, from oscillators to filters to attack curves. Obtain here: Synthesizer OBXH

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