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Since Avid took over a few years ago, Pro Tools has seen some significant adjustments. One of the most significant was Avid’s transition to the subscription service AvidĀ® All Access. For better or worse, the majority of software programs are headed in this direction: away from standalone copies of software and toward incremental upgrades that are dependent on subscriptions. All Pro Tools updates will only be accessible with an AvidĀ® All Access subscription after December 31, 2015. Standalone upgrades will no longer be available for purchase. In addition, if you don’t renew before the end of the year, the subscription plan will go up dramatically. You could be wondering the following:

How will I now upgrade Pro Tools?

Owners of Pro Tools 11 have two options, but they are only valid through December 31, 2015:

Upgrade to Pro Tools 12 for just $99 with the new All Access yearly Upgrade Plan, which also grants access to all upcoming Pro Tools versions for a full year and is renewable on a yearly basis for $99/year.

The soon-to-be-retired Annual Upgrade and Support Plan offers a $199 upgrade to Pro Tools 12 and includes:

The new All Access Annual Upgrade Plan offers 12 months of access to all upcoming Pro Tools releases, with annual renewals thereafter for $99/year.

For $99/year, the new Annual Plug-in and assistance Plan provides access to a selection of 17 extra plugins as well as assistance.

These upgrade plans are available for purchase via your local reseller or the Avid Store. Please be aware that at the conclusion of this year, the Annual Upgrade and Support Plan will be discontinued.
What is this collection of 17 extra plug-ins that you mention?

pro-tools 17 no cost pluginsThe $199 option includes 17 extra plugins, according to Avid. Because the supplied plugins would be far more expensive to buy separately, they refer to them as bonuses. This bundle includes 16 stompbox plugins taken from their Eleven guitar interface in addition to the Space reverb plugin, which is certainly a terrific price for the plugin. This option could be appropriate for you if you play guitar or perform a lot of guitar tracking or re-amping, are a huge fan of the Space plugin, or all three. you. If not, you might not think the cost is worthwhile.

What happens if I don’t renew my plan or don’t upgrade in 2015?

You can still upgrade your software at any time, however starting in 2016, the cost of a new or renewed Annual Upgrade Plan will rise to $299. All new Pro Tools releases are included in this 12-month subscription, which is then renewed annually for $99/year. Add the Annual Plug-in and Support Plan for $99/year if you want access to the extra plug-ins and support.

Can I use my software right now?

Yes, your perpetual Pro Tools license will still function if you decide against upgrading your software or renewing a contract that is about to expire. Simply said, you won’t be able to upgrade your license or download new software. Having said that, you may simply buy the $299 Annual update Plan to stay up to date if you desire to update in the future.

What if my 32-bit plugins force me to stay on Pro Tools 10?

It would still be beneficial to get the license for your i-Lok so that you may update to the most recent version for less money when you ultimately decide to stop using your old plugins (you’ll have to!). Consider it as purchasing protection.

Is it worthwhile to subscribe?

The answer is unquestionably yes if you anticipate utilizing Pro Tools in the foreseeable future. In essence, this deal rewards current Pro Tools owners by enabling us to sign up for a more affordable subscription plan for the foreseeable future. Consider it this way: If you renew by December 31 then your annual fee is $99; if you don’t, your annual fee is $299. Do you anticipate utilizing Pro Tools for the ensuing five years? You might save $1,000 over the course of five years by renewing by December 31 with the new upgrading plan. For that, you could get a nice condenser microphone!

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