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We spent the previous weekend hanging out at the Nashville Music Gear Expo in Nashville, Tennessee. For gearheads like us, it was essentially a play store. Ten floors of the Hotel Preston were taken over by representatives from microphone, live sound, and other guitar and pedal firms. Here are our top 5 picks:

Amplifier by Kemper

The Profiler line of amp heads from Kemper has been drawing attention. These nasty fellas probably include NASA technology, we’re quite sure. Amazingly, it recreates a large number of amplifiers, both old and new. If you close your eyes, you’ll imagine yourself strumming a guitar through a classic Blackface Twin while grinning widely. While several other manufacturers can also boast of using similar modeling technique, Kemper adva allowing you to model amps on your own.

Like that odd Silvertone amp in the recording studio? You may record directly at home and then re-amp using the Kemper Profiler to model it so that you can have the same tone when you hit the stage. On the other hand, if you have a tiny studio and don’t have the space or funds for a large number of antique or boutique amps, it’s just as helpful. You can now if you plug a guitar into the Profiler. You may see them here: www.kemper-amps.com

Mics by Michael Joly

One of the most well-known names in the mic modding sector is Michael Joly. He made his name by modifying those weird Russian Oktava microphones to sound incredible. He has since advanced to modding using modern microphones to mimic older ones. He brought his MJE-K47H along to engage in a shoot-out with a genuine antique U-47. Amazingly, it was close.

Joly’s microphone’s top end was just a little bit brighter, but not in a bad manner. And it sounds like a fairly incredible deal when you think that you could purchase 17 MJE-K47Hs for the cost of a single U-47. We’d unquestionably suggest them to those of you with modestly sized studios, but they’d also fit well with larger studios. Check out www.oktavamodshop.com for additional information.

Pedals by Wampler

To begin with, they have more overdrive and distortion pedals with incredible sounds than you can shake a stick at. Even Brad Paisley, a renowned musician, has a signature pedal through them. guitarist both inside and outside of Nashville’s country music scene.

The Latitude, a detailed tremolo that was wonderful for obtaining that beautiful vintage sound or dialing in some cool jagged effects that you could match with the tap pace, and the Triple Wreck, a straight-up wall of distortion with 3 unique styles on board, were our favorites. Visit wamplerpedals.com to view all the pedals.

Amplification Revv

The Revv Generator 120 is what you’d get if you had a baby with a Swiss-army knife and a guitar amplifier. This is essentially four amplifiers in one, with just about every customizability and input/output option (even MIDI!) possible. This is for the gun-for-hire musician (we know you’re out there!) who performs at a jazz concert one night and a metal concert the next.

Due to the variety of amps it can “become,” this amp would function just as well in a recording studio for tracking or re-amping for those of you who still like tubes and analog signal routes. The 7-40w Generator, which is smaller, also won our approval. This is a somewhat more simplified and smaller 2-channel counterpart of the larger 120. more transportable than the larger 120. But make no mistake, tone and adaptability were still present. revvamplification.com

That is my job.

This one is for our management and performing artists. An online gig-finding service called That’s My Gig features entries about anything from paid bands looking for musicians to full-time positions in the music industry.

Different price models provide you access to various degrees of site visibility and communication. They talked with us about their network of career counselors, which was one of the highlights. You get access to business people, popular singers, image gurus, and more through the program.

In the music industry, where every link and piece of advise is as valuable as gold, we think that’s a fantastic offering. gold. Access additional information at www.thatsmygig.com. Visit their website at nashvillemusicgearexpo.com to learn more about the Nashville Music Gear Expo.

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