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The final project for one of our classes in audio engineering is currently being worked on! There is a lot of effort and learning taking place in this situation. A six-song EP that the class created for the musician Andrew Chastain. Our lead audio engineer and instructor Dave Hagen (of YouTube kick drum fame ha!) provides constructive criticism and final approval while the students do all of the editing, tuning, and mixing in addition to charting the sessions.

These students produced excellent final EPs that are of professional standard. Our students’ Final Project EP most recently rose in the Billboard rankings. To learn more, see our blog article on that.

Hands-On Project Management

Everyone took turns tracking, and this time we approached post-production a bit differently. With only 9 students in the class (we keep our classes small so that everyone gets plenty of hands-on experience with the studio equipment over the 17 weeks), we had six of the students take one song, from initial edits through final mix, and had three students create alternate mixes of that song. Each student has access to a special iMac that comes equipped with Pro Tools, the full Waves package, Melodyne, Auto-Tune, and many more tools. The mixes will be compared and contrasted so that you can see how various mixers approach a tune.

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