Hired! DHI Student Graduates Friday, Starts Work Monday | 265

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David Chasteen, a DHI alum, works at Clair Brothers in Nashville.

Working as a technician

David Chasteen had the good fortune to graduate from Dark Horse Institute on a Friday and begin his first day of work the following Monday. Not every college student gets the chance to see instant benefits from their study. Better yet, his first employment in the music business is as a tech with Clair Brothers Nashville, a branch of Clair Global, the most prestigious and award-winning live touring and sound firm in the world known for its support of the best touring bands and artists.

Additionally, he will collaborate directly with various Clair departments to help customers, bands, and artists put their traveling setup and sound system together. Briefly said, David will be collaborating daily with seasoned members of the music business who have produced tens of thousands of concerts over the past 40 years, ranging from Miranda Lambert to Katy Perry and Elton John to American Idols Live. He will have many opportunities to advance now that he has his foot in the door.

David enrolled in our Audio Engineering Program and made the most of every chance to use our tools and participate in projects from the start. David says, “We jumped right in and never looked back, and that was my favorite part about Dark Horse.” David never missed an opportunity to assist at Dark Horse events, and when you combine the technical expertise he acquired at DHI with his upbeat outlook and go-to mentality, you get a recipe for success. David, congrats on all your efforts and successes!

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