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The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is one of the most well known and trendy undergraduate (UG) degrees. Mostly each and every type of employment is similar to a venture organization, and recognizing the field of business can be advantageous to your career. You can learn expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the business world, and all the complex features of functioning a firm.


  • A great opportunity for someone who wants to go into management and conquer their business.
  • Good salary.
  • After doing BBA you’ll get more career opportunities in comparison to other courses.
  • BBA graduates will get to know about current market situations and about the trends.
  • It will open up the gates for higher education
  • At the end a student learns a lot of skills with a degree.

There are majorly 5 streams in which students can pursue BBA:

  1. Sales and Marketing
  2. Finance
  3. Human Resource (HR)
  4. International Business
  5. Entrepreneurship

The streams can be defined as:

  1. Sales and Marketing: The students will get to know about different marketing tasks like planning, execution and implementing, and surveillance the marketing work of a firm.
  2. Finance: The aim of these subjects is to enhance understanding and expertise linked to funding, insurance, cost management,strategic thinking, international capital, and expenditures.
  3. Human Resource (HR): The objective of the course is to increase knowledge and mastery in some important skills which benefit students to work professionally in their respective work.
  4. International Business: The sole purpose of this stream is to give knowledge to students who have the ability to work globally or in MNC (MultiNational Companies) by staying in their home country. Basically it gives the idea about the management of a business firm.
  5. Entrepreneurship:  This course is meant to be for the students who intend to go into their family business or have decided to open up their own company. These courses help them to gain a degree by getting knowledge from how to get clients to how to retain clients.


  • You have to be 12th pass from an established board of education. You have to score 50% to get admitted into the BBA College you are looking to take admission in. Any student from Science, commerce and arts are allowed to do BBA after getting a degree of graduation. Lot of BBA colleges also have entrance exams for admission to the BBA course.
  • It is of 3 year course.
  • There are 4 distinct BBA are present all across the globe
  • Full time BBA
  • Part time BBA
  • Distance BBA
  • Online BBA


Every course has their own entrance exam to get enrolled in. In some areas it is quite important just to check the basic knowledge of aspirants. There are few exams available and students have to pass those exams. Which are listed below:

Admission is offered on the basis of the score you obtained in the entrance exam, which has been conducted by the university / institute.

Syllabus for the entrance exam comprises English Language, Quantitative Aptitude(QA), Logical Reasoning(LR) and General Awareness(GA). The exam pattern of the majority of colleges / universities is similar.

In the exam there are 60 questions, each question containing 1 mark and the total being 60. The time of the exam is one hour. The fees of the entrance exam varies from INR 1000 – INR 1500.

Firstly, Apply for the right exam on the official website according to the college and modules you want to study for.

Secondly, Pay application fees

Thirdly, download the admit card from the website and give the test on a given time and date.

Fourthly, after the result, download the result and accordingly start applying in colleges/universities/institutes.


A total of 4600 colleges are presently having the course of BBA. The course is of 3 years (6 semesters). The fees vary from INR 1.4 lakh and go upto INR 37.9 lakh.


One can easily opt for BBA as, in India a lot of institutes are available to get enrolled in. Colleges are given certified ranks. Those ranks are given by The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF). Here are some colleges mentioned with their NIRF ranking 2022.

IIM Indore6
IIM Ranchi21
SVKM’S NMIMS Anil surendra Modi school of commerce22
Indian Institute Of Foreign Trade25
ICFAI Foundation for higher Education27
IIM Rohtak28
Amity University29
Symbiosis International61
Loyola college65


More than just study, the BBA degree has a plethora of scope if we talk about careers. This is one of the few degrees where students can get good salaried jobs in management and administration after completion of graduation. The country’s economy is in a growing phase, and many new ventures are coming up. Some companies are not that capable of hiring MBAs, in that case there will be a lot of opportunities for BBA graduates.

After doing BBA in specific field these are the below mentioned job positions you can get

  1. BBA in Sales and Marketing
  2. Marketing Manager
  3. Social Media Manager
  4. Market Research Analyst
  5. Public Relations Specialist
  6. Brand Manager
  7. Marketing Manager
  8. Marketing reservations analyst
  9. Digital marketing manager
  • BBA in Finance
  • Financial Analyst
  • Investment Banking.
  • Retail Banking.
  • Loan Officer.
  • Credit Analyst.
  • Financial Planner.
  • Financial Consultant.
  • BBA in Human Resource
  • Human Resource (HR) Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • BBA in international Business
  • International Brand Manager
  • International Logistics Manager
  • Event manager
  • BBA in entrepreneurship
  • Marketing executive.
  • Business Development Executive.
  • Sales Executive.
  • Human Resource Manager.
  • Market Research Analyst.
  • Management Trainee.


In India as competition is increasing in this era, everyone wants to do ACE in their respective field. BBA is the course which gives numerous career opportunities as the course focuses more on practical knowledge rather than theoretical. Nowadays there are a number of gates open once you complete your BBA degree.

  1. Specialize in Management (MBA)
  2. Become a Data Scientist.
  3. Join Public Services (UPSC)
  4. Become a Digital Marketer.
  5. Become a Product Manager.
  6. Become a Blockchain Expert.


For the graduates who don’t want to go for masters / further studies, BBA provides a lot of job positions to go for and that too for freshers. Salary in corporate could vary between INR 3.,00,000 to INR 6,00,000.

Many government sectors are available after doing BBA like Banking, real estate agency, consultancy and many more.

Private companies like Tata Consultancy Service (TCS), Microsoft, Deloitte, ICICI Bank, IBM corp, Hindustan Unilever etc.

Financial Analyst3.35 Lakhs
Human Resource Manager5.95 Lakhs
Marketing Manager5.87 Lakhs
Operations Manager7.10 Lakhs

The salaries mentioned above are for the fresher. It will increase with the amount of experience in the same field which you have studied.



Communication in any field is the crucial key point. You need good communication skills to get clients. Once you get the client you need to learn how to communicate with them if you want to do negotiation or want to extend the deadline. The communication should be very professional so that clients will be impressed by that.


This is also one of the soft skills but whenever you’re presenting something or whenever you go you need to have self confidence within yourself so that you present the product or service easily, and this you’ll get to learn by BBA.

Presence of mind:

This one is very very important. Nowadays recruiters judge interviewers by the presence of mind only. You need to observe everything, whatever is surrounding you to be stronger in this skill. You can learn this skill by doing BBA where you’ll face the actual market situation during graduation period.


Who can do BBA?

Anyone who secure 50% in their higher secondary education (12th) can apply for it irrespective of the fact that they are from science or commerce background. Those students who have done graduation in arts and want to make their career in administration are also eligible to apply in this course.

What is the benefit of doing BBA?

Firstly, it makes you eligible to do an MBA.

Secondly better job opportunities

Thirdly you’ll get the experience of job positions

Is BBA easy or hard?

Nothing is hard if you give 100% effort. It totally depends upon the student and the time he/she is giving to this course. Moreover it is also about giving priority for the aim you want to achieve.

Is doing BBA worth it or not?

BBA is totally worth it if you absorb the knowledge and apply it to the actual field. As per records many graduates are getting a good amount of salary as a fresher after doing BBA. So it is totally worth it.

Why nowadays students prefer BBA more?

Because it helps in developing managerial Skills: A BBA degree gives a good opportunity for freshers who want to improve managerial skills. This degree takes students with the main field of management including Marketing, Sales, Strategy management, etc., simultaneously with the core sector like finance and economics

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