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Do you enjoy live music and play an instrument? Dark Horse Institute is providing FREE live recording for the 2015 Full Moon Pickin Parties, so your Friday just got much better! We published a story a few weeks ago about the Full Moon Pickin Parties that are hosted each month on the weekend of the full moon and how Dark Horse Institute works with Friends of Warner Park. As you may have heard, this year’s Full Moon Pickin Parties will all feature free live recording sessions from DHI. That amounts to up to 45 different recording sessions! It goes without saying that we have a lot of work ahead of us, but everything is in good fun and for a fantastic cause!

The inaugural Full Moon Pickin Party was a big success, and last Friday night we got the chance to conduct eight live recording sessions. The night initially appeared doomed, though, as gloomy clouds produced an intense rainstorm that lasted for roughly 20 minutes and utterly soaked everything outside of the horse stables. Fortunately, we were entirely dry as we set up our recording equipment and enjoyed the downpour! A little smaller-than-normal audience made themselves at home in the meadow as the sky miraculously cleared, giving the bands a magnificent backdrop.

The barn was grooving up the hill! Eight volunteers from Dark Horse Institute students and alumni helped set up Full Moon Pickin Party_The Stable Sessions and tear them down. They also assisted Grammy Award-winning live sound engineer Steve Lamm in monitoring the microphone inputs on the mic pre’s and in Pro Tools. Several blue grass pickers had congregated halfway down the hall in another hallway, and they soon had themselves surrounded by a small group of bystanders who were astounded by the ability in front of their eyes. Every time a live recording session took place in stall #16, new relationships were forged, new artists were discovered, and everybody in attendance who enjoyed fine music was left with enduring memories.

Watch for Dark Horse Institute to publish the recordings from The Stable Sessions’ first night at the Full Moon Pickin Party in the coming weeks. In order to provide you with some DHI gear, please comment or let us know if you plan to attend this summer. Additionally,…

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