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We spoke with Trae Rudd, a current student, to find out more about his time at the Dark Horse Institute thus far.

How is life like at Dark Horse Institute as a student?

Every day is like a big ball of pleasure, says Trae. (laughs) I like how the application gradually introduces recording concepts and techniques from the beginning to the conclusion. I can genuinely state that we use the information on a regular basis.

Student at DHI, Trae RuddWhat type of abilities or methods are you using?

Trae: Structural analysis, for example. have to determine for ourselves what is creating a crackling sound or whether the microphone wire is damaged. When they enter the studio, artists want to be free of any stress. In addition, Of that, you can’t appear to be panicking as the engineer.even though you are!

When you first started school, how new were you to recording?

Trae: I had previously recorded my own music, but I had never utilized Pro Tools or engaged in any digital editing.

Do you think it had any impact on you not to have that experience?

Not at all, Trae. The DHI instructors take great effort to provide the subject in an approachable manner. I now have great confidence in my ability to use Pro Tools and other recording methods. Prior to DHI, I would have wasted a lot of time redoing recordings rather than being confident in my capacity to make changes without sounding forced.

Why did you decide to attend Dark Horse Institute?

The people, says Trae. I immediately felt at home when I first met everyone here. But more than that, knowing that my training will take place in a recording studio provided me a lot of comfort in knowing that I would learn what I need to know. I found it hard to imagine that just getting inside the studio wouldn’t take six months.

I take it that you’re set to begin your internship with a live sound company? How did you accomplish that?

Trae: Confidence is the key. I felt comfortable reaching out to others after I had first-hand knowledge of what it’s like for things to go wrong in the studio and was able to really solve those issues appropriately.

out to businesses. This is my career, for me. I didn’t want to wait till I was done with school before I even considered my strategy. I suppose you could say that I have a strong desire to make a life in the music business!

What words of wisdom do you offer for those who are considering a career in recording?

Trae: You won’t accomplish anything noteworthy if you don’t take any risks in life. We are all striving hard to land our ideal careers, but success won’t come to you if you don’t expose yourself to the realities of the music business. Dark Horse throws you right into the action and makes you aware of the realities of working as an engineer.

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