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There are many tales of artists seeking their inner inspiration by retreating to a hut in the midst of nowhere. In reality, sometimes the old creative pump only needs a little alone. But what transpires in the intervals of silence? What happens, after all, if your breakup record doesn’t become a smash hit? Realizing that many creative individuals don’t have the most extroverted personality is not surprising. Dare I even say that? I’m the pot calling the kettle black, after all.I belong to the group. Actually, this Travelocity video made me laugh!

Therefore, I have one message for all of my creative friends: Inspiration takes effort! I’m the kind of man who’s too eager to take in the sights, sounds, and scents of nature while watching TV via an open window.

This is from “FOO FIGHTERS’ GROHL On How Recording ‘Sonic Highways’ In Different Cities Affected Album’s Sound”

Speaking of how the surroundings might impact a record’s sound, Grohl said: “Well, there are so many things that… The city, its accent or pace, the board, the board, the room, the studio, or any of these things might be the cause. It may be the location’s topography, history, or culture. so it became kind of of a larger discussion about local music, such as, “Why did the blues move to Chicago?” Or, why did New Orleans produce jazz? Alternately, why is Nashville the nation’s capital? However, none of these events occurred for musical reasons. After black independence, millions of people from the South migrated up North in order to find work. However, they brought the music they were singing in the South to Chicago, where the metropolis altered the sound of their music. This is how the blues found its way to Chicago. Therefore, the blues Muddy Waters was performing on the plantation in the South was very different from what he was doing when he arrived in Chicago because he had an amplifier.

Get out and enjoy the flowers!

So what follows? Am I advocating that we all hit the road and set records in all major cities throughout the world? Nope. Even if I may be skirting the issue, I believe you already understand that creativity involves more than simply browsing through Virtual Instruments’ synth presets. It need people, friends, and really LIVING! It’s quite simple for a new student to come to the Dark Horse Institute from a little town in the United States simply to spend every night by themselves in their apartment. They’d exclaim, “I don’t know anyone!” They would exclaim, “I don’t know the area!” However, they are rarely the major source of worry. People are just sluggish to connect for the most common cause, which is because they are uncomfortable doing it. And now that I’ve come to that knowledge, I’m delighted to say that discomfort is what leads to the most progress! Only if you decide not to look past the smoke and mirrors is it difficult to make connections in the music business. Talk to others. Pose inquiries. To those who have inspired you, write. Invite acquaintances out for lunch or coffee. You’ll be astounded at how fast you’ll be standing next to the exact folks who initially inspired you!

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