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In order to prevent persons with disabilities from being barred from taking part in the regular activities of life in our common society due to lack of consideration or foresight, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was established in 1990.

The law was created to preserve the right to access services, and it has never been more obvious that having access to the internet is now a need for living and, unavoidably, for being able to communicate with others.

In order to guarantee that everyone can visit your website regardless of their abilities and to assist shield your domain investment company from lawsuits and penalties, it is crucial to maintain an ADA-compliant domain name marketplace.

For these reasons, we’re pleased to announce that UserWay, the industry-leading web accessibility solution, has been incorporated into Efty.

By immediately fixing accessibility issues, UserWay’s Accessibility Widget speeds up the process of bringing your domain business into conformity with legal requirements as mandated by the ADA.

The business supplies both a free and a premium widget. While their subscription widget automatically pulls code into greater coverage and offers a richer variety of accessibility functionalities to users of your site, the free widget offers user-triggered improvements.

Following these guidelines, you can easily copy and paste your widget embed code into your Efty dashboard after signing up instantaneously. The widget can be added to your personalized for-sale landing page URL as well as your personalized marketplace.

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