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‘Tattoos on This Town’ Is Laid to Rest by Dark Horse Institute

Graduates are bearing the imprint of Nashville’s Dark Horse Institute for Audio Engineering. While popular culture frequently makes metaphorical allusions to tattoos, such as in Jason Aldean’s top 40 hit “Tattoos on This Town,” a recent Dark Horse Institute alumnus chose to take things a bit more…literally. Mike Riley has a lot to show for himself after graduating from one of Nashville’s fastest-growing audio engineering programs, including a brand-new tattoo that is proudly displayed across most of his left arm. Nashville Audio Engineering School, Music Production | Dark Horse Tattoo NashvilleThe ink is the emblem for Dark Horse Institute, which began offering classes in January 2011 and has since been rapidly expanding in popularity. student body and reputation.

Mike had a reputation on college for being an excellent student and for being able to connect with just about any possibility in the music business. After being observed performing three or four cover songs at an open mic night, one of which was an Eric Church song, he was approached by the major label UMG Nashville in his first week. Mike proceeded to land jobs down the strip at Honky Tonk Central, that renowned collection of music clubs on Broadway and 2nd Avenue, in addition to the sudden label interest.

Since then, he has earned an honors degree from Dark Horse Institute and gained the skills necessary to independently record his own songs. A dark horse from Ohio who went to Nashville, acquired an education, and is currently winning the race of his aspirations and ambitions will probably be visible if you ever visit Nashville.

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