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A growing number of domain name investors are preferring to route visitors to clear For-Sale landing sites rather than the conventional parked pages with pay-per-click advertising. This makes sense given that a single domain name transaction may likely exceed, if not exceed, a year’s worth of parking earnings.

Parking isn’t dying, though.

Most of us have a few of these previously established sites with plenty of backlinks or typo domains in our portfolio since they might provide a sizable return from PPC clicks. It makes perfect financial sense to monetize the traffic on these domain names, which is why Efty has partner integrations with organisations like Bodis, ParkingCrew, and Sedo.

But wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could monetize your traffic domains with PPC advertising and yet allow site visitors to submit offers via a lovely For-Sale landing page hosted on or your own, unique marketplace URL?

In fact, you can. And it’s simple.

The majority of parking services provide you the choice to use a custom URL in lieu of the enquiry form, allowing you to send site visitors to your own Efty For-Sale landing pages directly from the for-sale banner or hyperlink on your parked website. Additionally, we’ve created a single global URL that works on any web-based parking page to make things simple for you.

The For-Sale landing page of the domain name on your own unique marketplace URL or, alternatively, an SSL-secure hosted For-Sale landing page on will be shown to visitors when the aforementioned URL is used on a parked domain.

In your account, go to Settings > For-Sale landing pages to manage this.

Parking companies like Bodis and ParkingCrew allow you to establish a unique URL for the enquiry form.

To set this up at Bodis, adhere to following steps:

With any luck, this advice can simplify your life and increase offers and sales. Not yet using Efty? Join today for a free 7-day trial.

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