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Six grads of Dark Horse Institute’s recording arts program found their names associated with a project that was everything but “final”. The strong but catchy song “The Last Stand” by Nashville-based I Am Spartacus is now ascending the Billboard Christian Rock charts. Recording Arts, Nashville Recording Arts School, I Am Spartacus, and Recording Arts

The track is the current single from their most recent six-song album, which was made at the recording studios of Dark Horse Institute as a final project for audio engineering students. Brian Strickert, a former classmate, says, “Hearing the news…brings back a lot of fantastic memories. When our class met Ben, Michael, and Brady, the magic started happening.

At Dark Horse Institute, these recording sessions are a component of a larger educational process. Students of recording arts spend weeks upon weeks honing the information and talents that will culminate in what will be their final project and masterpiece. Since each student in the program is in charge of a song from beginning to end, audio engineers in training will handle the recording, editing, and mixing. Other factors include the type of music being played and the specific DHI instructor who will be in charge of the entire procedure in addition to the students.

It was a dream to work with I Am Spartacus. They are exactly the kind of band you want to record and work with as a producer or engineer, says Shelby Lanterman, a fellow DHI alum who is now a budding audio engineer and performer. They [I Am Spartacus] are genuinely lovely, inviting guys who make you smile right away and light up the atmosphere. They are wonderful folks who also create incredible music that you can’t stop singing and rocking out to.

The song “The Last Stand” and the I Am Spartacus EP “Unite” as a whole can be credited to each of the six students that worked on audio engineering. If you want to hear the song, you may purchase it on iTunes HERE or On the band’s website, you can listen for free.
Click HERE for additional information on how to participate in recordings like this one at Dark Horse Institute.

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