The new Domains Overview: Better, Faster, Stronger Domain Management | 148

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According to our data, you spend the majority of your time on the Efty Domains overview, which receives over 8% of all page views. The core of Efty is a grid of domain names that lets you monitor, manage, and organize your portfolio.

I’m excited to announce that this backbone has recently improved significantly in terms of speed, strength, and quality.

Your portfolio may be quickly searched for and sorted using more than 20 distinct factors.

Find out right away which domains receive the most queries.
With only a press of a button, you can quickly export any kind of data report to Excel.

Field additions and deletions will be remembered for your subsequent visits (when using the same browser) together with your most recent search.

Not to mention, you can now bulk update the for-sale landing page style, BIN pricing, and minimum offers for up to 100 domains at once.

Try it out today, then let us know what you think.

We appreciate the assistance of Saro, Declan, Daniel, Rob, Towhid, and Rod in testing and beta-testing the new grid. Because of you, it has significantly improved.

Later this year, we’ll revamp our application from scratch once more. We are discontinuing our mobile version in favor of a completely responsive web application that will work on all sizes and types of devices.

We will upgrade Efty’s domain grid and add better bulk editing tools before launching the makeover. These are presently in beta, and the performance and general usability have much improved.

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