22 new Marketplace categories and corresponding For-Sale landing pages, ranging from emoji to blockchain. | 177

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When we first introduced Efty, we provided a lengthy range of categories for customers to designate to their domain names and list them under on marketplace websites. We believed the list, which was based on a variety of categories we found on some of the well-known domain name marketplaces, would be enough.

However, by registering domain names linked to drones, the Internet of Things, cannabis, virtual reality, and more recently cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, domain name speculators are frequently among the first to identify and capitalise on emerging phenomena. As a result, we have received more requests to enlarge our list of categories over time.

Today, I’m glad to report that we’ve added an extra 22 categories in response to the most popular request, increasing the total number of categories and corresponding For-Sale landing pages to a staggering 46.

These additional categories have been added:



infants and kids


IDNs, or international domain names




Pets & Wildlife

Online Reality



Marketing & Advertising


Science Software for the Environment of Blockchain Dating
IoT (Internet of Things) Mobile Lifestyle

Please get in touch with us and let us know if there are any categories that are still lacking. Later in the year, we’ll try our best to add another batch. If you can’t find the ideal landing page theme in our collection, keep in mind that Efty always enables you to add your very own background picture for your For-Sale landing pages.

Please stay tuned for additional information as we have many updates and features planned for the Efty marketplace in the upcoming months.

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