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It’s not simple to create a product that people enjoy, there’s no denying it. Even after spending a lot of time and money, the majority of start-ups never achieve product/market fit. We were thrilled when we released our beta and actual domain name investors began actively using Efty to manage their portfolios precisely for this reason. We were ecstatic to learn after the beta period that we had created something worthwhile. People were purchasing it and adoring it. We succeeded!

We were unaware that growing the platform would be the hardest task to complete.

As soon as a With only a few hundred people, adding new features was trivial. The same was true for introducing a third-party integration or testing product updates. We just finished it. Today, Efty manages more than 1 million domains in virtually every possible TLD, with thousands of customers utilizing various registrars and email providers, all of which have an influence on how Efty works.

The fantastic feedback we receive from our consumers spreads more and further as we expand. It is prevalent on NamePros, Twitter, and business blogs. Due to the network effect created by our large number of pleased clients, we are able to attract even more new domain name investors.

But sometimes that reach isn’t very wide.

People were aware of our recent severe outage, which caused our main site to be unavailable for a few hours. Within minutes of our website going down, it was all over Twitter, and a (justifiably) irate user immediately began a discussion topic on NamePros. And many of you noticed and expressed your displeasure when our For-Sale landing pages started to take longer and longer to load.

Efty’s future-proofing.

We guarantee that Efty will help you get more enquiries and sales. We are aware of the significance of for-sale signs. landing pages with quick load times. Quick as a flash. The rapid expansion we’ve experienced over the previous few years began to take a toll: thousands of users, managing more than one million Our name servers were inundated with hundreds of requests per second (!) as a result of domains. just said, we just didn’t have the infrastructure in place to handle this volume of traffic and DNS queries yet. At this moment, For-Sale landing pages might take up to 8 seconds to load during busy times. Ouch.

We worked around the clock to deploy significant improvements to our infrastructure with the help of the technical support staff at IBM and a third-party consultant company. We started to notice amazing results after studying the traffic type, improving database architecture, distributing the load across many servers in various regions, optimizing DNS settings, and reducing the size of our landing pages. We were relieved to discover that typical load times had decreased to a stable 2.5 seconds following a 3-day development sprint that sent our cortisol levels through the roof. We achieved lightning-fast load times with an average of 1.5 seconds over the course of the next days with some further tweaking (measured over time from 85 different geographic areas using 3 different templates).

We are optimistic that this upgrade will fulfil our commitment to assist you in selling more domains without having to pay any fee at all!

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