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Acoustic Modifications for Your Home Studio

Are Acoustics Making It Harder to Listen?You could already be in the room with the issue! You’ll spend much less time if your home recording studio has acoustic treatment. The quantity of technology being pushed to owners of home recording studios is daunting as they become more and more common. Your room, though, is the one thing that a plugin won’t be able to completely repair.

The question you may have is, “Well, what’s wrong with my room?” You know, acoustic treatment and design for professional recording studios cost thousands of dollars. And all of this happens before any equipment is set up and positioned throughout the space.

Calculations are done to take particular frequencies’ effects when they are played via The space and the speakers, which vary in size, will interact. In other words, you can record and mix more effectively and accurately if you have some control over certain frequencies. Check out this website to learn more about those frequencies if you’re interested: Knowledge of Audio Frequency

How do I begin?

When we start talking about arithmetic and exact frequencies, audio engineering may sometimes seem a little like rocket science. But in all honesty, using your hearing is the greatest advice. Play a handful of your favorite tracks at the volume you would mix at wherever your listening/reference station is set up, then carefully stroll about the space. Where does the song’s sonic change begin?

In the back or corners of the room, does the bass start to appear particularly loud? Perhaps now that your room is a little bigger, you discover that it has more reverb or reflections than you had previously. These findings are beneficial!

How can I improve it?

“Control” in a nutshell. That makes logical, no? The “how” is easy to understand if you think about what you just observed about your room. It’s not unusual for your favorite song to sound bassier in some areas of the room. Bass does in fact “pile up,” and popular trouble spots include corners, back walls, and ceilings.

Higher frequencies, such as those emitted by our voices or that tiny amount of you can hear after clapping in the center of the room. At this stage, acoustic treatment is required for you to regain control over your sound! (Have you ever wondered where the name “Control Room” came from?

Make it on your own!

The gimmicky portable vocal booth solutions and pricey foam acoustic treatments you purchase at the store will leave you empty-handed and frustrated. Avoid wasting time. You can get some gorgeous panels that will do wonders for your space for around $20 and an hour or two of your time!

Given the limited space in this email, I’ll let you look at just one of the numerous web resources available. The piece will walk you through the process of creating these game-changing panels.

See DIY Acoustic Panels here.

I look forward to seeing what you two come up with! Please feel free to give me images of your home recording studio plans and acoustic treatment options.

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