Recording School Graduate Success Stories: Paul Rossetti | 238

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Scott Rossetti

Date of Graduation: November 2012

For King and Country, MercyMe, Rush Of Fools, Phil Stacey, Jason Ingram, Ian Eskelin, and David Garcia are all members of the music industry.

Full Bio: Paul started dedicating his heart and soul to the recording skills at Dark Horse Recording after receiving his degree from Dark Horse Institute in November 2012. He would continue to hone the abilities he acquired from the audio engineering curriculum throughout the course of the next year, working with artists including MercyMe, Rush Of Fools, and Phil Stacey. Paul would have the pleasure of working with tremendously great producers and music production powerhouses like Jason Ingram, Ian Eskelin, and David Garcia in addition to working on projects by some of the biggest names in Christian music.

Paul developed a number of significant relationships with prominent figures in the music business during his internship at Dark Horse Recording. His present employment as a staff audio engineer at a private recording studio in Nashville, Tennessee, where he mostly collaborates with hit composer Ben Glover (Lee Brice, Newsboys, Audrey Assad, and many more), was finally made possible by those ties. For his contributions to For King and Country’s album “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong” in February 2015, Paul was honored with a Grammy. The number of amazing people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with and this profession both owe a lot to Dark Horse Institute. Alongside the most talented authors, singers, producers, and engineers in the industry, Paul continues to work full-time as an audio engineer.

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