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Reasons for the sale BirthdayBeerWelcome to Behind the Sale, a brand-new Efty blog series. I interview domain name investors who reveal all the information on a recent sale in this series. You’ll discover how they made their purchases and sales, how the talks worked, and much more.

Today, I’m having a conversation with Alex Verdea, a full-time domain name investor from Romania who presently resides in South Carolina, a stunning state in the United States.

to collect money. By not employing a third party or escrow services unless the customer specifically demands them, I like to pass on the “escrow fee savings” to my clients.

Tell me a little about yourself, Alex.

I started investing in domain names in late 2006, first purchasing a large number extensions. Unbelievably, Flint Telecom Florida phoned me one day and asked if they might buy, which was one of my first high-priced domain sales. With the names TEL and MOBI, I subsequently lost thousands of dollars. Since I believe that investing in,.tel,.xyz,.club, and all GTLDs is a bad idea, I have recently just focused domains.

What is the name of the domain you sold?

This past January, I sold on Efty. For all of my leads, enquiries, and my own mini marketplace, I utilise Efty.

What did you spend for the domain and how much did it bring in when you sold it?

Early in 2016 I purchased on the GoDaddy marketplace as a closeout domain for $11, and I eventually sold it for $1,600. For ALL of my domains, I utilize the Kiffer create offer landing page design. Why “make offer” rather than “bring it as is”? The majority of the first bids I get range from $100 to $200, and that’s OK. A small company owner could be discouraged from submitting a contact form or even making an offer if you slap a $5,000–$10,000 buy it now price on your domain. I am really personable, and I consider and consider EVERY offer.

Can you describe the process used to negotiate this domain name?

I was first offered $200 for BirthdayBeer com. I courteously answered, stating that my pricing was $1,600, good for 7 days, and providing a link to my online store AudiencePortal com. Along with a BUY IT NOW pricing link, I inserted the name there. For 99% of my domain sales, I utilize Stripe. An hour later, the client made a safe and secure credit card payment. The customer received a great price for this domain since, given the growing popularity of microbreweries, domain names containing the term “BEER” are now in high demand. I am aware that everyone is concentrating on topics like drones, marijuana, VR/AR, self-driving cars, etc. Personally, I prefer to retain a variety of names in my portfolio. despite the fact that I prefer to avoid “trend” domain names (such as DispensaryDrone(s) com, MapsByDrones com, SelfDrivingSmartCars com, etc.), I do hold a couple of them.

Alex, thanks for sharing. Would you want to add anybody else, please?

My final “words of wisdom” would be to only invest domains for novice domain investors. Too many excellent prospects exist in the extension to squander money on gTLD speculation. The value of domain is increasing daily, whereas gTLDs are now only a guess or investment in the dark. Before buying fresh domain names, I also advise reading as much as you can and researching “comps” and previous sales.

Disclaimer: Efty is not in possession of user sales information. Therefore, we only provide data on sales that have been made public. Read about our complete governance here.

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