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People always search for the free ways to download the web series and now a days as technology is growing as online platform has tighten their security, you can not take a screenshot even if you want to it will show as a black only because they have set in their system that you can not take screenshot and can not do screen recording. As technology has grown up, people have also become smarter and they use the dark web to download the web series so nobody gets the idea about who has downloaded the web series.


If we talk about Vegamovies then they have a collection of web series which are present in their website in different resolutions. All the links they provide to download the web series are pirated and that is the illegal way to download the web series. Web series like Class, Sixer, Tripling season 3, Pitchers season 2, Taaza Khabar and many more are available on Vegamovies.

Class bollywood web series download from Vegamovies website:

Class movie has been released for the first time on Netflix. People say it is a story based totally on the Elite web series of Hollywood but that is not true. They have changed many scenes in this web series and they have somewhat changed the story as well. I personally liked the series Class because I have not seen the Elite.

You have seen the Elite that does not mean you can not watch Class but yes the story will be a bit predictable if you will watch the Class web series after watching Elite web series. I love the Class series, the reason is they have tried to show many little stories in one frame.

From slum children to high class and top class children, they have tried to show the class, poverty, religion and differentiation. I like the story because how they tackle every situation is a must thing everyone should know because situations handling has been shown in the web series.

Yes their way of handling the situation is very different and illegal but yes they have tried to show it. Plus I like how they have shown individual stories of each and every person in the web series and you can literally think of everyone who has murdered Suhani but at the, it is totally different.

This is not only about children but also about adults who are doing wrong things in the web series and at the end do realize it because one went to jail and the other can also go to jail.

The reviews of the web series are really good and the characters they have selected are just so incredible that they have played their role very meaningfully and peacefully. I mostly love the character of Saba who also has her own business but at the end she has also been dragged into all these situations where she should not be.

Sixer bollywood web series download from Vegamovies website:

When I saw the trailer of the Sixer web series it looked very common and you can sense that it is only related to normal cricket where some of the players are playing cricket just for fun and to earn some money from the movie. Well Sixer web series was released on Amazon Mini TV platform and that is free for everyone and you can watch it on Amazon shopping application.

When the web series got released it was totally different from what I watched in the trailer and what I imagined it would be. I was not only about one character Nikku who is playing fantastic and giving shots like a sixer. It is also small stories of each and every character they have shown.

The web series makers did not only focus on one particular character but have given attention to everyone who has been in the web series. Like Nikku has financial issues, Aussie words for a famous cricketer, Alok had to win because he is captain, Rajesh bhaiya have an issue of back and Arshad has issue that he is a part of Indore Cricket Team.

Everyone has their own issues but still they have passion for cricket and at the end they have played. Although they did not win, they have tried their 1000% to win the tournament of cricket irrespective of the politics which was going on in the cricket tournament.

The genre of the web series is not only sports but it is comedy as well because there are a lot of scenes that could make you laugh and you will feel funny. It is emotional as well because at the end they tried their best but still could not win and got the trophy of runners up.

Third, politics because there are original teams to play but as the local politician wants his team to go into the finale he locks up a few members into his office so they do not arrive at the time. According to me the web series was fantastic and it will be liked by everyone even if they are not cricket lovers.

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