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Pitchers season 2 bollywood web series download from Vegamovies website:

Pitchers season 2 has come on any platform after 7 years of season 1. Lot of people had a question why after seven years they made a web series. I also do not know the reason but after watching season two of Pitchers I found that what they have made was not at all common.

It was more than what people had expected and people did not even expect because they thought that after season 1, they got the funding and the show was over but at that time the web series had just started.

What Inlove about the Pitchers season 2 is their confidence and never give up attitude and the last dialogue which can give motivation to any start up compnie’s owner and that is We are pitchers we will always pitch unless and until we get the result. I can really see the hard work they have done and the reason for them making this was amazing. On the other hand it is essential too.

The Indian people who have a higher number of businesses and start up companies need to know that they will have to pass through at any point of time because they have shown almost every kind of thing in the web series.

They have not only covered the opinion and perspective of owners of the start up companies but also the perspective of employees who are working for them and blindly trusting them.

Indian people who are thinking to open their new start up or have already then this web series will give you slight knowledge about funding, about the product change and many more perspectives which can give you motivation to work hard and go through the situation.

The role played by everyone was fantastic and their brains are always into the business. I regret only one thing in this season of Pitchers, which is Jitu. I don’t know the reason he left the business and I thought he would come when the situation was worse but he did not.

Tripling season 3 bollywood web series download from Vegamovies website:

Tripling season 3 is released on Zee 5 online platform. Those who are Tripling fans must be knowing that they always show the good and positive aspects about real life. In this season they have covered most of the things about the family and not personal lives of children.

I Appreciate one thing about the Tripling season is that anyone who have not watched first and second season of the web series then also they can easily watch and can relate to it because there are very few characters which they have to make understand and that they can know by communicating with anyone who have seen the previous two seasons.

This season of Tripling you can definitely watch it with family. It is a totally family drama and emotional concept they have shown this time but there are curiosities as well that what will happen to their parents, will they be seperated or still together because of their children. Second emotional thing which they have covered in the web series was about selling their house where they grew up.

It was heartbreaking and you can only understand this feeling when you are putting yourself into that situation. You will literally feel like crying. The understanding of parents and what their goals are has presented in the web series that they still love each other but they do not want to be together because they have their individual goals to complete.

The journey with Cheetah and Chitvan will always be remembered because that was also one of the emotional parts and we could not predict that Chitvan is actually fighting for the custody of Cheetah. You must have thought that Chitvan himself is a child, how can he handle another one but he was attached to Cheetah.

So the reveiws of the web series were really good and people love the season and how they travel together like a three brothers sister combo. This time as well they called and met up at one place and then went together.

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