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April 3, 2014

It is widely accepted that in order to successfully create your business, you must have certain goals. We want Efty to be the one tool that every domainer enjoys using in our instance. By creating the appropriate tools, we intend to provide what we believe to be the Swiss Army knife of domaining software when we enter private beta.

Web apps that provide a little bit more have always piqued my interest. The unexpected contact you felt. There is no doubt that happy consumers result from excellent tools. But do these tiny things really make consumers happy?

‘Curated gathering of the finer aspects of design’ is what Little Big aspects is. Floris Dekker, a fellow Dutchman, routinely posts instances of fantastic details in web app design on this site. Anyone interested in usability and design will find these tiny huge elements to be outstanding for the little unexpected additions I mentioned before.

We were lucky to receive a lot of client feedback at the many software businesses I’ve helped to develop (and the ones I’ve helped to fail:P). When you do things for your customers that they don’t expect you to do—or when your product does—I’ve observed that you’re truly building a fan following as a business. Things that are added on top of the fantastic You’re giving them a good or service.

A few “Little Big Details” that we believe will be warmly accepted by our beta users have been introduced over the past several months as we prepared for the launch of Efty’s private beta. Below, I’ll list a handful of them.

favorite nameserver
Your landing pages, particularly Efty landing pages, may be pointed to one or more desired nameservers. You may configure your preferred nameservers in Efty so that it will alert you when particular domains (such recently bought or transferred ones) need their nameserver records updated.

Efty actively aids you in ensuring that your profile is constantly current and set up to optimize leads, sales, and income!

Expired domains warning

You actively manage your portfolio as a domainer. Efty automatically retrieves whois records for all domains whose registrar information has updated every night. If the registrar information for one of your domains has changed, it is very reasonable to infer that the owner has also changed and the name has therefore been sold (congrats on your sale!). You will receive notification from Efty to update the whois information and automatically identify this domain as sold. You can enter the transfer price and the market where the trade was completed. This ensures that your financial acumen is top-notch, providing you the most insight into the success of your portfolio!

We intend to truly surprise our consumers with these small reminders and actions, winning them over as lovers of our product.

updating renewed domains automatically
You don’t want to need to manually update your database every time a domain is renewed or moved. Efty scans your domain portfolio every night and automatically updates the records of renewed or transferred domains. You get a brief email informing you of the adjustments made for you.

This can help you save time while ensuring that your database is completely accurate.

Do these little, significant aspects make Efty users really happy? Of course, we hope so. Yes, you’ll need to assist us in getting there. Would you wish to maximize your portfolio and do you have any opinions on the domaining industry?

Please consider signing up for our private beta so you can assist us in creating the one tool you’ll love using!

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