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You have till May 29 to start enjoying the summer! For this year’s Full Moon Pickin Party activities, Dark Horse Institute has teamed together with Friends of Warner Parks!

Imagine yourself wandering among the lights and sounds of roughly 2,500 of Nashville’s best pickers on a beautiful summer night as they are dispersed throughout the undulating horse pastures and in the barns of the Percy Warner Equestrian Center.

These musicians play acoustic guitars, basses, banjos, mandolins, harmonicas, and more. While this is going on, a main stage hosts a trio of the best local bluegrass bands. Of course, you didn’t leave home without a few cozy lawn chairs and an extra-large blanket so you could unwind while taking in snippets of the evening’s activities while gazing up at the sky. You can hear youngsters laughing and playing with light sticks in the distance as they rush through the meadow.

The sound of an acoustic guitar’s familiar chord progressions drifts past you as a consequence of a pleasant wind that has picked up just enough to wipe away the bead of perspiration that is beginning to form on your forehead. When someone inquires about food, you discreetly lead them to some of Nashville’s top food trucks, which are situated close to the horse stables and ready to serve up a mouthwatering platter of gourmet delight.

You decide to move closer to the stage to get a better view after claiming your space among the others that have come on this lovely night. You eventually find yourself You can make your way among the pickers who have organized their own picking groups and are strumming in time with their inner songs. There will be a throng assembled as you approach the end of one of the barns. Others appear to be spilling out of stall #16 and some are picking there, outside the stalls. You move curiously to the barn’s far end where you can hear additional music.

Greetings from Stall 16SONY DSC.

In order to provide a special experience for both attendees of the Full Moon Pickin Party and Dark Horse Institute students, Dark Horse Institute has teamed up with Friends of Warner Parks. Just nine live recording sessions by DHI will take place in Stall each night of the Pickin Party. 16 for any of the teams or pickers that are present alone. A major player in the mobile studio project will be

group of specially chosen current and former Dark Horse Institute students. The entire procedure is exciting because DHI students will have the chance to get priceless, practical field experience in real-world mobile recording studio scenarios. Additionally, the finished audio recordings will be recorded, mastered, and made available online as a gift to the Friends of Warner Parks.

The Full Moon Pickin Party attendees will also have access to the live recordings and be able to preserve the memories of what is certain to be an incredible experience. So come to the inaugural Full Moon Pickin Party on May 29th with Friends of Warner Park and Dark Horse Institute! Please visit the Full Moon Pickin Party Event Calendar for more information. Don’t pass up one of the best events taking on this summer in Nashville!

Instituto del Dark Horse de Sean Rogers

Sean Rogers is a seasoned producer and audio engineer in addition to serving as the director of student services at Dark Horse Institute. He is recognized for his work on big label projects for artists like Lady Antebellum, Dierks Bentley, Eric Church, and others. He has more than 7 years of expertise in career advising.

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