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May 6, 2014

The ability to employ the most recent software, tools, and coding is one of the benefits of building a web product from scratch.

You have the chance to create something that is suitable for the current state of the web. A much different internet environment than it was even a few years ago.

Activating Efty

Let’s be honest. Before the end of this year, mobile Internet usage is expected to surpass desktop usage thanks to the significant changes that mobile devices have made to the web.

From the beginning, we were certain that we wanted to make the majority of Efty’s essential features available on our users’ phones. We want you to be able to find out quickly whether a certain name is registered, parked, or how much you paid for it.

We want you to be able to simply add a recently bought domain to your portfolio without leaving the comfort of your bed on a relaxing Sunday morning or browse your most recent sales queries while you’re traveling to your day job.

Here is a preview of our mobile UI version 1.0, which will be made accessible to members of our private beta in a few weeks.

Your Efty Cockpit

Domain specifics

lookup domains

Insert domain

most recent queries

Your work

your memo

In the weeks after our beta, more features like insights, Efty market, domain data, landing pages, and much more will be mobile-friendly.

Please let me in!

Many domainers from around the world sent us letters and tweets wondering when they may start utilizing Efty. It won’t be long until we begin with our first group of beta testers, however I won’t make any promises or put too much pressure on our development staff. You can contact me personally by email at if you feel that, for whatever reason, you ought to be a part of this initial group. please mention the number of domains presently registered and the email address used to join up for our beta.

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