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April 22, 2014

Everyone is aware of the sharp decline in parking income caused by the emergence of a new generation of web browsers and the demise of the address bar. PPC income is at an all-time low in 2014, and almost anyone now types websites’ addresses directly into browser windows.

There are still some domainers who rely on parking as their major source of income, but most of us think that they are an endangered species.

“Avoid leaving your day job” My parking income on a portfolio of over 200 names.

Why do we still park here?

I was at least five years too late when I first started domaining to use my portfolio to generate any major PPC money. That didn’t matter because my primary motivation for getting into domaining was to sell domain names.

The only real method to acquire material on your domain indicating that it is for sale is to park your names. Nowadays, the sole benefit of parking is this—unless you’re anticipating a $10 PPC reward once a month.

But why would you park your domain on a page with 90% advertisements that rarely advertises the fact that the name is for sale if informing visitors that the domain name they are visiting is for sale is your primary aim and you are most interested in generating enquiries from potential end-users?

parking a domain name as we understand it now.

There is almost no motive for the vast majority of domain name parking services to assist you in actually selling your domain names. And that is precisely why they are failing miserably to assist you in generating leads and revenue. They would rather take the majority of the already subpar PPC and park the name with you with them till the rest of time. Your domains are generating income.

helping domainers increase their income

The true value of parking, according to Efty, should come from an increase in bids and enquiries from your domains that are obviously for sale rather than through PPC.

Efty and parking. 100% for Sale, 0% Ads.

The secret to getting the leads that will turn into the sales you’re chasing is using Efty’s personal customization feature to create landing pages for each of your domains as you see fit.

Your landing pages were created and crafted for the best possible visitor-to-lead conversion.

1 Pick a background from our selection of distinctive photos for various industries (outdoors, travel, technology, adult, etc.).

2 You may either create your own sales pitch or pick from a variety of tested ad copy.

3 Include your personal contact information, such as an email address, phone number, Skype account, or website, so potential purchasers may get in touch with you directly.

One of the elements that personally thrill me the most is parking my names with Efty, and I’m more than willing to give up a little amount of PPC earnings in exchange for an increase in leads and sales.

Within a few weeks, one of the key features of our private beta will be Efty landing pages.

We’re eager to assist you in selling more domains!


Every domain will have the option to park with us, so if you still have names that provide respectable PPC income, you may continue to park those with your preferred parking provider.

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