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In order to generate inquiries and offers for their domain names without having to pay a third-party marketplace commission, many of the large domain name portfolio owners have opted to develop custom solutions to host their landing pages and or marketplace over the years. Alternatively, they have also chosen to use less desirable PPC landing pages.

For portfolios with a lot of traffic, the difficulties of creating, hosting, and maintaining a bespoke solution are particularly demanding, and unless you have a developer on staff, you frequently find yourself hiring one on a regular basis for fixes and upgrades.

I’m thrilled to report that we can now handle portfolios of up to 100,000 domains because many of these large portfolio owners have contacted us over the years to investigate the potential of utilizing Efty. Yes, that is a significant improvement over the Professional plan’s prior cap of just 5000 domains.

For a set monthly charge, an Efty Enterprise package gives users access to all of our white-label marketplace and For-Sale landing page choices for practically any size portfolio.


We’ve merged with Zapier as part of our Enterprise launch to extend the power of Efty to more than 1500 additional apps, including SalesForce,, Hubspot, Slack, G-suite, and Mailchimp. With Zapier, you can design multi-step routines that improve leads, send emails and tweets, construct solid spreadsheets, and gather a variety of valuable data while you sleep. Automate procedures like adding leads to your CRM, establishing an auto-reply for questions, or informing your team via Slack whenever you have an offer or a question about a domain name.

Orientation and Priority Support

Enterprise users will receive priority assistance in addition to onboarding, where the Efty team helps with account setup, marketplace setup, and portfolio uploading. com with the number of domains in your portfolio if you’d like a price for your company. You can also reach Doron if you have any questions or would like to arrange a live demo.

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