Efty + Bodis = Awesome Integrations | 129

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When we first started developing Efty, we were aware that the tool would be most helpful if it could connect with the largest parking garages and online markets, allowing you to track, manage, and keep an eye on all of your activities from a single location. We’ve recently taken another step toward making Efty the focus of your domaining activities after becoming cozy with Sedo a few months ago: we partnered with top domain parking firm Bodis!

Simply go to Settings > Integrations and enter your Bodis API Key to link Bodis with your Efty. Your Bodis account settings is where you may locate your API Key.

You may quickly check the parking earnings for a given domain, add domains to your Bodis account, or list and change domain names on the Bodis marketplace after adding your Bodis login information to Efty. While remaining in Efty.

Parking revenue statistics for Bodis, now in Efty

Keep checking back for further updates as we continue to integrate more significant markets and parking providers into Efty.

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