Efty + WhatsApp: close more sales with the World’s most popular messaging App. | 219

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Did you know that according to a Dimensions Data survey, 90% of customers would prefer texting over speaking on the phone when contacting firms, and that 56% of consumers would rather message customer support than call?

You may now engage with customers in real time on your Efty marketplace website and/or for-sale landing pages thanks to our collaboration with WATI, an official WhatsApp API partner.

We are really happy about this connection since it will let you easily collect one of a potential buyer’s most crucial contact details: their cell phone number. WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging software in the world.

You can add a conversational aspect to the experience by adding a WhatsApp chat to your Efty marketplace or custom for-sale landing page URL. It gives you the ability to gather leads, respond to inquiries, bargain, and close deals all in a friendly and informal manner. The WhatsApp chat still goes on after the potential customer exits the landing page.

The widget is completely programmable, allowing you to alter not only the colors but also the call to action and the button’s wording. It simply takes a few minutes to create the widget, and it’s as simple as copying and pasting to have it live on your Efty marketplace or custom landing page domain!

The Efty Growth and Professional tier offers this integration.

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