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Michael Arrington, the creator of TechCrunch, introduced Crunchbase in 2007 as a resource for learning about both private and public businesses.

Since then, Crunchbase has developed into one of the most important online platforms for business.

Crunchbase can acquire precise data on tens of thousands of established businesses, startups, and their founders thanks to a mix of machine learning, an internal data staff, and an active community.

Crunchbase’s statistics can help you become a more successful domain investor. This is how:


The importance of research in a domain investor’s life cannot be overstated. It can assist in developing and honing a plan and spotting patterns.

By going to > firms and creating a custom query to display firms created within a certain time frame, you may use Crunchbase to see what kinds of domain names recently founded companies are utilizing. You can find out what domain name each startup is using by adding a “Website” field.

Purchasing Domains

You must understand what domain names end customers are purchasing before purchasing any. Crunchbase can assist you in identifying popular domain extensions and brand name trends based on your research. This might help you establish your criteria when you search to purchase domain names.

You may also find out how well-liked certain words are as brand names using Crunchbase. Particularly for single-word domains, entering them into Crunchbase and noting the number of businesses that utilize the exact-match keyword you’re looking for can reveal a name’s popularity.

For instance, entering “Catalyst” into Crunchbase returns almost twenty businesses with that name alone as their brand. This would indicate the value of a domain like because it has numerous possible end users.

Domain name sales

Many domainers find it difficult to make inbound domain name sales, thus some turn to outbound marketing as a strategy to generate consistent income from their domain portfolio.

Crunchbase, a company database, can assist domain owners in obtaining qualified leads for their domain name.

In the case of exact-brand-match domains, a Crunchbase keyword search for your domain’s keyword will return a list of businesses using that keyword as their brand name. A list of businesses utilizing the “Nectar” brand name, for instance, will be produced by searching for “Nectar.”

You may also make a list of businesses in a particular industry using Crunchbase. Crunchbase will therefore be useful if you are selling a domain name that could be advantageous to numerous businesses in the same sector.

For outbound marketing, each firm profile provides details on the founders, funding, and business activity.

For access to all of Crunchbase’s capabilities, a paid subscription is necessary. Subscriptions begin at $29 as of this writing.

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