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Are you sick of having to modify your nameservers all the time to add TXT and/or MX records? Now that Efty Investor offers quick domain ownership verification, you may quickly list your domains for sale on other marketplaces.

You may now manage TXT and MX records for any domain name that is pointed to Efty’s nameservers individually or collectively using our brand-new DNS tool.

TXT records are used to keep track of a domain’s contact information and other facts. However, in the domain name aftermarket, they are frequently employed for “domain ownership verification,” which means that certain external markets, like Sedo or Flippa, need the addition of such records to a domain before they can offer it for sale inside their marketplace.

The mail server in charge of receiving email on behalf of a domain name is identified by an MX record. MX records are thus used to inform mail senders of the server that receives inbound email for your domain. For instance, you might put up a catch-all email for any or all of your domains using our Bulk DNS service.

All Efty Investor users now have access to our DNS administration tools, and you can find information on how to utilize them in our knowledge base here.

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