Spitfire’s Hans Zimmer Percussion Library | 222

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If you’re a movie soundtrack fanatic like me, you probably love the brass, strings, and percussion of John Williams, Ennio Morricone, and Hans Zimmer. As a composer and songwriter, I am constantly searching for high-quality, reasonably priced VSTs and Samples. Despite being a product that has been available for a while, I just recently learned about Spitfire’s new Hans Zimmer Percussion Library. If you are unaware of Hans Zimmer, you are undoubtedly familiar with his body of work, which is jam-packed with blockbusters and soundtracks that occasionally outperform the actual movies. The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, The Da Vinci Code, and Pirates of the Caribbean are just a few of his masterpieces.

Even though Hans’ percussion is not the only thing that distinguishes him, it is frequently copied and unsuccessfully duplicated. The very fact that this library even exists is nearly incomprehensible, similar to Da Vinci’s release of paint-by-number kits or Ford’s introduction of the “build your own Mustang” program. The recording of the samples at London’s Air Studios, which used 96 microphones (only because the board had 96 channels), was equally as epic as the library itself.

Although I haven’t used the device yet (maybe Spitfire can loan me one! ), the reviews are fantastic. While affordable compared to EastWest and Vienna Libraries, the cost is still justified. Whereas the majority of libraries are rated in tiny stages enhanced by modern technology. Hans made an effort to produce items that were as near to the “real thing” as possible. Obviously, one of the things that set this library apart and make it essential for all studios and composers to have is the Mic choices.

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