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I traveled the Hawaiian Islands for an amazing year and a half on a 965-foot, 92-ton ship that could accommodate 4,000 passengers. Modern, stunning, and full of people who, for the most part, like smiling. People frequently ask me how it was, what it was like, and how they might obtain a job on a cruise ship.

I’m going to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at the entertainment positions on cruise ships. Please don’t think one line applies to all of these insider insights because I won’t say whose firm they belong to and they aren’t industry-wide, but they are generally correct.

Most celebrities have really good lives.

You will have it marginally to much better than the chefs, bartenders, and technical staff if you work in the entertainment area (Cruise Staff, Sound, Lighting, Dancers, Singers, Talent). The majority of Entertainers will either sleep alone or share a bigger berth (Cabin) with two other people. I had a queen bed and a cabin to myself because I was a 3 and a half stripe officer. However, compared to other crew, every entertainers I knew had substantially larger accommodations.

“Passenger Privileges” will be available for most entertainment. This basically allows you to travel around the whole ship like a passenger, eat where people dine, and do what passengers do. Really lovely, huh? This varies a lot, though.Get off the cruise quicker and avoid the busy tourist sites.

Your country lacks labor laws.

There are always exceptions to the trend, but they often have less of an impact on the entertainment than they do on the labor roles, such as housekeeping, cooking, serving, and bartending. Most crews are multinational for a reason; they aren’t made up of whiny Americans who complain about working more than six hours per day.

I’ll explain. The majority of ships are “Flagged” by other nations. The ship’s “home port” is in another nation, despite the fact that it may travel to US ports. This is due to a few factors. First, global norms are frequently more lenient. This indicates that the ship’s maintenance requirements are less stringent than those of the US Government.

This also implies that US labor laws are meaningless because the ship is a foreign national. Although it is lawful to labor around the clock, ship owners aren’t heartless and frequently go above and above to meet your demands. However, because your obligations are just to provide entertainment, most people will only put in 6 to 8 hours at most.

There are vessels with the US flag, and these boats adhere strictly to US Coast Guard and labor laws. The drawback is that since most places are in the US, you won’t get to see much of the world. Miami, Hawaii, and Alaska may all be quite nice, don’t get me wrong!

A Different Way of Life

Jobs in Cruise Ship AudioI frequently tell people that working aboard a ship requires a particular kind of person. This is not a problem. When I finished school, I got hired. I had no friends, a girlfriend, a house, or any money. This is the perfect circumstance. It is nearly a given that every relationship you are in will terminate.

You lack access to the internet, phone service, and even basic communication. In reality, the bridge is the sole means for someone to reach you in case of an emergency at home. it ought to be fairly serious. The Captain doesn’t want to hear from your girlfriend for messages.

The average worker contract lasts one to four months. But I am aware of “Lifers” who have spent more than 14 years at sea. They often have enormous energy and passion and are always 24.

While we’re talking contracts, the normal contract will consist of 4-6 months at sea and 2-4 weeks off.

You must ask yourself: “If I am unreachable and adrift for a week at a time, am I going to be able to handle that” before accepting a position on a ship. It may be quite challenging and overwhelming.
Sickness and Ship Safety

We’ve all read the news stories of ships at sea getting sick, losing power, or even sinking. Some individuals are only worried about becoming seasick. Let me first make a few things clear.

It’s a huge thing. Compared to most hotels and restaurants along the coast, cruise ships are held to stricter standards. They also have dedicated personnel who keep an eye on the ship’s surroundings and its resources. They undergo extensive inspections on a regular basis.

The water purification system aboard the ship I worked on was so advanced that the Hawaiian government copied it.

Second, ships do not just capsize. We have all seen the photographs from the Costa Concordia and the Korean Ferry Tragedy, as well as the Titanic. Despite being extremely uncommon, these situations are quite real. You and the rest of the team put in a lot of training to prepare for any circumstance. Negligence and an inability to communicate are two things that most share.

The captains are accused for this reason. Ships don’t just capsize.

Seasickness comes last. The size of the ship will now determine this. The speed and movement of the two ships I worked on, which were 500 and 900 feet long, are very different. I can tell you this, though. No of the size, at first you will feel it. But it’s not like being on a yacht or even a sailboat. The employees work so hard to offer you the smoothest trip they can despite the sluggish pace. In the event that you are working on it, chances are good that after 3–4 days you won’t even notice it, unless the weather is really bad, in which case most activities are curtailed.

There are Benefits and Drawbacks

On a ship, the ups and downs might actually change with the tide, as they do with any employment.

You will participate in weekly exercises since, as a member of the crew, it is your duty to put the safety of the passengers first. A good week or two of basic safety instruction will also be provided for you. You must finish Merchant Mariner training with the US Coast Guard if you operate aboard a ship flying the American flag.

You are a ship resident. This is fantastic because you can wake up in some amazing locations, but it can also be challenging since you might spend a week at sea with little chance of seeing land.

-Free housing and food. You won’t have to pay for food or rent, that much is true. Another benefit for recent college graduates. You may put money aside and stop worrying about necessities. Toilet paper, towels, and snacks are always available.

Jobs for Audio Engineers on Cruise Ships

Cruise-Ship-JobsBeyond the fact that it allows you to live a bit better and travel more, working on ships is fantastic. Typically, ships have cutting-edge equipment. Huge budgets, digital boards, and condensed hours.

On ships, audio engineers typically have additional responsibilities than merely managing the sound for performances. You’ll become the go-to IT expert. Your phone will probably ring first if there is a problem with the sound system at a lounge. If a simple fix is required after you leave port for a four-day journey across the Atlantic but you don’t have the part on board, you will need to be creative.

You may frequently switch to various ships, which is another thing they don’t inform you about. You may actually travel the entire planet on the ship you are assigned to, not just the last one!

What is the Payoff?

You’ve heard tales of waiters making $500 per month, but they never mention that tip is not included. They can make a good living as servers, bartenders, and housekeepers. Most jobs in the entertainment industry pay salaries or extraordinarily high hourly rates. Our audio training program will make you extremely attractive since your proficiency with the equipment will increase your pay. A few recent grads are currently employed on cruise ships. This means that there is no median. But you also receive free lodging, meals, and transportation!

This is a fantastic chance to save money and travel. Meet a lot of fascinating individuals when traveling. Working aboard a ship is similar to working for the UN. You will interact with individuals from all around the world and form connections with them. On all six continents, I have pals who would let me stay with them!

How Can I Find Work?

Click this! Around the world, there are a variety of cruise ship jobs available on large, small, fast, and friend ships!

What general advice would you give me?

Accept that it’s a lifestyle decision. While on a high seas cruise, you will suspend your normal life. For some people, that’s not a problem, but it causes problems for others. The ship life will treat you well if you are a naturally energetic and optimistic person. However, if you are an introvert, you can run into issues.

Keep in mind that once you sign on, you must complete your contract or pay for your travel expenses. If you don’t meet your obligations, the ship will leave you in the port and leave you on your own, albeit they will organize transit and at the very least refund you.

Disney’s Sneak Peek is a fantastic artwork.

Want some more information? Check out NomadicMatt’s fantastic blog.

Outside of a studio, there are several cruise ship employment available. Even if it doesn’t have to be a job, it’s a fantastic method to get experience! Please feel free to ask me any questions, express any worries, or make any comments here.

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