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You and the other troops are in a boat, and when the boat bounces, you can hear the waves splashing against the hull, the other soldiers breathing, and the motor of the boat you’re on. BOOM! The boat comes to a grinding halt. Your living room is physically shaken by an explosion.

If you’re reading this, chances are good that you share my passion of video games. I don’t get to play them as much as I’d like, and they’re mostly from the Sega Genesis era. There are many distinct responsibilities on the video game design team, and one of them could be more accessible to you than you think.

Sound designers for video games

The people who create the sounds for video games don’t necessarily need to be musically talented authors or composers. They require a creative imagination, a strong ear for sound, and technical audio knowledge. They are the ones who produce dialogue, sound effects, and other background noise. Basically all audio in the game, excluding music. It is a fantastic method to gain experience in the business and is quite similar to working in cinema.

So what precisely does a sound designer for video games do? They are in charge of every aspect of sound placement in a game, including planning, recording, mixing, and mastering. They make the games more vivid. Their only medium is sound, often just basic sounds placed on top of one another. See it down below!

What is the Payoff?

The typical beginning salary for sound designers is $55,000 per year, and after three years, it may reach $74,000 per year.

What steps must I take to become one?

You largely require skills in recording, mixing, and editing. Once you are knowledgeable, you must create a portfolio. You may offer gaming companies a far smaller sample of this video than what is seen here. Mark Kilborn, a sound designer for video games, has a fantastic article about confidence and how to get one of these jobs.

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