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The music business is evolving. Audio engineers with training might earn more working for themselves than as staff engineers at studios. Building your own business and credit from your bedroom is now simpler than ever. This is due to the fact that technology is developing, freelancing is lucrative, and demand is growing. Contrary to popular belief, this is the ideal time to break into the music industry and work at something you love. Because of where the industry is and where it is headed, there are a ton of opportunities, and you can launch a music business for $30* or less. What you should know is as follows.

*The equipment you’ll need is not included, however You might be shocked at how reasonably priced that is too, but that is a topic for another day.

The Modern Music Industry

There are many misunderstandings about the music industry, therefore it’s critical to give you a sense of its current state. An musician scheduling studio time at a large facility with costly equipment and an engineer who only works there is the stereotypical image of the music business. Well, even if that wasn’t exactly how it was done, most people seem to think so. Technology is now accessible to anybody with the means to purchase it, and jobs are offered to the lowest-bidder.

In homes around the nation, many records are composed, recorded, mixed, and even mastered. Exactly how get entry to this market? With a little organization, diligence, and approximately $30.

Establish A Online Presence

Every company, including Virgin Atlantic and your neighborhood handyman, finds consumers here. So you probably shouldn’t try to create a business if you believe you don’t need it. The success of your business depends on a few factors.


Every prospective client will start by searching for you online. You will lose them if you don’t have a website, have an outdated one, don’t have contact information, or don’t have samples of your work. For those who are not computer savvy, websites might be intimidating. However, platforms like Wix and Squarespace make it as simple as updating a website. on Facebook, your page. The good news is that while you will have to pay for this, it won’t break the bank.

Most will provide a “free” site, but it won’t have a unique URL, will have adverts on it, and will frequently have bandwidth and storage restrictions. What you ought to do is:

1 Look for a URL that is open. You may check if your name, company name, or keywords are available on their websites or on websites like GoDaddy. No matter if you do it through your host, GoDaddy, 1and1, or another website of your choosing, you will have to purchase your domain. Your URL needs to be memorable and pertinent to you. Just or might be the domain.alternatively, consider using

2 These websites will show you how to change it, but you should focus on the Contact Page, About Page, and Samples Page aspects. You should identify the services you will offer even if you don’t have to include a price. Ninety Six Sound, which is made up of two former interns who are gaining a lot of business through their website, is a perfect illustration of this.

A blog is a fantastic method to establish credibility, inform readers about new products and services, and foster partnerships. Since I’ve already written about blogs in depth, you can find that post here.

Social Awareness

Online engagement and social media are additional crucial areas. You can find all you need in a few of these blogs because I write about topic frequently.

Using old hashtags

The Power of the Picture: Growing Your Fanbase by Sharing Photos

Business Cards and How to Use Them Promoting Yourself in the Music Industry Through Social Media and Networking

Business cards are still just as crucial now as they were thirty years ago, but the good news is that you can now receive high-quality cards for a reasonable price or even for free! A excellent website called VistaPrint allows you to easily create a business card by filling out a form with your name, phone number, and email address. Using one of their pre-made layouts will cost you 250 cards are yours gratis! Shipping is of course extra, but printing is free, and sometimes they will offer you coupons for a certain amount off your next transaction. That is one email list you want to be on since they frequently offer deals.

People frequently misuse business cards. They simply hand it to the person after approaching them. The card serves as a physical reminder of your name and contact information after you have interacted with someone. I recently met a guy at the gas station who is a wonderful illustration of this. His van was at the pump in front of mine while I was pumping gas. He began.

By inquiring about my car’s year, they learned some fundamental details about it and gave me a complement. He asked whether I’d ever had it detailed as I was finishing up, and I said that I hadn’t, but that I normally clean it quite well (which I do because I’m obsessed with my car). He gave me his business card for auto detailing and added, “Well, if you ever get tired of doing it, give me a call.”

You realize why this is a wonderful illustration? because I can still remember him and have his business card. Maybe one day he’ll receive a call. But that is not where the narrative ends. He arrived before me, didn’t pump any gas, and wasn’t getting into any time soon in his vehicle. He kind of chuckled as if I had caught him when I asked him whether he simply waits there all day. He refused, claiming that despite having a packed schedule, he still finds time to stop at the neighborhood gas stations every morning and after his appointments. He said that this is the reason his calendar is always busy when I questioned whether it had succeeded.

What is the use of this? I’m not advocating setting up camp at a petrol station, but rather exploring potential job locations. Visit places to buy music, like Guitar Center. Make friends with the employees and give them a lot of cards (this is crucial; you can’t just stroll in and hand them out; you have to show that you know what you’re talking about). of cards and ensure that they are aware of what you do and how much it costs. There WILL come a day when someone contacts you because the Guitar Center employee recommended you as the person to contact for reasonably priced mixing, editing, or mastering. You never know, print some fliers at Kinkos for.30 cents and post them on community boards.

Here is a checklist to get you started on your company right away:

Purchase a domain or URL using GoDaddy, 1&1, SquareSpace, or Wix.

Make a website:

-Home Page

Page of Contact

Page Sample


Make business cards with VistaPrint.

Create a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud page.

-Repeatedly and regularly update

-Remember to Use Hashtags (#)!

– Adopt Influencers

-First, establish relationships; clients will come.


-Visit locations where your services are needed

-Post to community message boards

Please leave a remark below if you have any queries. Check out our Audio Engineering Program if you want to start a career in music and require training.

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