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Kiffer has long been the most popular theme in the collection of For-Sale landing pages. Over the years, it has hosted countless thousands of domains and has generated an absurd volume of offers, queries, and commissions.sales of free domain names

The theme has a dark backdrop picture of the Seattle skyline, which complements the white lettering well. It boasts high visitor-to-lead conversion rates and a gorgeous design.

However, I’m glad to report that we just launched four alternative templates based on that exact same theme design because we recognize that some people might like a different backdrop for a number of reasons.

Samir is the first new template. This template has a unique background picture in addition to that. We also removed the Offer box from the “Make Offer” form and replaced it with a “Contact Us” form. This enables you to have a Buy-It-Now pricing and an easy way for customers to contact you with inquiries on your landing page without giving them the chance to make a counteroffer to the BIN price you’ve established. The vibrant green backdrop evokes expansion and wealth.

Helpman is up next. This landing page template has a sky backdrop that is brilliant blue and fades into clouds around halfway down the page. It need to be addressed to company owners and entrepreneurs with huge dreams.

Eastgate is the name of the third template that we’ve introduced. It shows a grand scene of a thick forest with a rising sun from behind mountains. It inspires feelings of potential and a fresh beginning.

We also included Jupe, a template with a dark backdrop of a mountain covered in snow beneath a vividly illuminated sky filled with stars. The shooting star represents luck and transformation.

Additionally, we’ve made a minor but significant modification to the “Show more” link that appears at the bottom of your search result pages for those of you who use an Efty-powered marketplace. You no longer need to worry about it being difficult to read in the case of a dark backdrop picture because it has been modified into a button that displays well on whatever background type you’re using for your marketplace.

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