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We started our mission to deliver Efty the greatest For-Sale landing pages for domain names one month ago. With your assistance, we created the first few incredible designs and have been working diligently to lay the groundwork for what will be the first For-Sale landing page theme gallery on the market, available only to Efty customers.

Beginning on Tuesday, January 5th, you will have the option of selecting your preferred For-Sale landing page from our portfolio of outstanding designs that have been created and crafted for the best visitor-to-lead conversion.

The theme gallery’s first five themes are as follows:

Hong Kong’s


We want to walk you through some significant improvements coming to Efty’s For-Sale landing pages before we release this live.

1 There won’t be a current “classic” Efty landing page anymore.

2 The Spring theme, one of the first five designs in our theme collection, will be applied immediately to any for-sale landing pages on domains you have previously registered with Efty.

3 Under Settings > Efty Market, you can choose a default Landing Page style for each of your websites. You can use various themes for separate domains by overriding this setting with previous and subsequent selections of themes for particular domains.

4 Your existing custom logos, text, and/or domain name USPs for your domains will be preserved.

5 In order to fend against low-ball bids and tire kickers, you will be able to set a minimum offer value for each domain name.

6 The pre-filled inquiry text has been deleted from the new landing pages in order to encourage customers to enter additional information rather than just an offer and an email address.

7 The new offer form will include an optional telephone number area so that purchasers may provide you further contact information.

For-Sale landing pages will continue to be put up and customized in the same manner.

Have a fantastic day!

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