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Because of Efty’s close connection with, you can add an acquire It Now (BIN) button to your For Sale landing pages, allowing potential buyers to acquire your domain through

Buy It Now domains are three times more likely to sell than domains asking for bids, according to market research. You may avoid potentially drawn-out negotiations and give purchasers a feeling of urgency by putting BIN pricing on your domains. Additionally, thanks to our recent cooperation with, you can now complete BIN transactions without paying any commissions and provide your customers with the most reputable and highly rated domain name escrow service in the world.

Follow these simple steps to include BIN buttons on your landing pages:

1 Enter your username (the email address you use to access your account) under Settings > Integrations.

2 Update your options (such as the inspection period and who is in charge of paying the Escrow fee) by going to options > Preferences.

3 From the domain edit mode, add a BIN price to a particular domain and click Save.

4 You may see the BIN button on the domain landing page!

A confirmation email with information on how to finish setting up their account and concurring to the conditions of the transaction will be issued to the buyer once they have submitted the BIN form for your domain. In the meantime, will send you (the seller) an email verifying the details of the transaction. When the buyer clicks the BIN button, Efty will also send you an email with the buyer’s details in case you need to get in touch with the buyer to help guide them through the first few steps of the procedure.

When you return to Efty, we’ll assist you in monitoring the progress of each individual transaction directly from your own account.

Last but not least, you can now quickly submit the name into from the domain view in Efty as well if you dislike sticking BIN pricing on your domains and/or have negotiated a price with a buyer directly.

With this connection, we intend to keep our commitment to you to simplify your life and increase the value of your domain name portfolio. Please keep us informed of your progress and don’t be afraid to contact us with any questions, concerns, or suggestions.

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