How to Get A Huge Kick Drum Sound | 242

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What does this seem to you like? Most people undoubtedly think this looks like a disaster. Clutter. Maybe a stack of mattresses? What about a drum set and a ton of foam, the obvious choice? The recording studio fanatic sees possibility, promise, and experimentation whereas the common eye sees nothing. Of course, this is a drum set and some foam, but why? Because obtaining a powerful kick drum sound and “all about that bass” are very important. It is known as a kick drum tunnel. One of the activities that Dark Horse Institute students do is that enormous and incredibly soft-looking musical “fort” in order to hear the variations in acoustic drum recording.

There are around 18 mics in the DHI live room to record every nuance that green behemoth of a drum set has to give, so it’s not all fun and games, of course. It’s simple to forget the need for true and original sounds in a world where sampled drums are utilized more frequently than ever. Students get to personally witness precisely how many different factors go into producing those sounds. The experience of learning audio engineering at Dark Horse Institute includes everything from near, mid, and far room microphones to the differences between recording straight into Pro Tools vs. 2 inch analogue tape.

We gave a kick drum mic demonstration in the Lodge at Dark Horse Recording quite some time ago (judging by Dave Hagen’s beard today). To see that video, CLICK HERE! Drums aren’t everything at DHI, but they are a crucial component of a professional recording. And it’s our business to show these folks how the pros do it!

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